Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Down, One to Go!

Good morning to all who may read this. For the month of January, I have not been doing a lot of crafting. Some here and there between my work project and my online class. However, I have just completed my LAST 2 papers for my classI It feels as if a "weight" has been taken off my shoulders! One down and one to go. Tuesday is the presentation of my big work project! Once that's done, I can knit, spin, weave, and quilt to my hearts content. What a joyous time I am going to have.

Today marks the beginning of spending time doing the things I enjoy. My to do list for today:

1. Complete my pink/green runner on my 25" Schacht Flip Loom and post pics on my RAV page and blog.
2. Knit at least 4 inches on my OWL project for the HPKCHC and post pics
3. Warp my "new" Cricket loom that arrived on the24th of this month. I plan on making "mug mats".

So, time for breakfast, more coffee, and then on with my crafty plans for my leisure Sunday!

Until next time..................

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  1. Congratulations on getting your papers finished. I know that feeling of relief. I hope you have a wonderfully crafty day.