Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Button Sewn On!!!!

Dear Blog,

I am writing to update my knitting and quilting progress. I bought a new book from Amazon. The name is Scandinavian Stitches. I purchased after hearing a review on "Within A Quarter Inch". It has a lot of projects that I want to do. I sorta like the country/vintage look. Here is a pic of the book.

Small Quilty Projects

I have FINALLY finished my very first cardigan in which buttons and button holes were necessary! Yay for me. It's not the best, but it's finished. I am not so sure garter stitch is the best stitch for me when knitting a cardigan/sweater. I have discovered that my stitches are very loose and uneven when knitting in garter stitch. Can you or someone tell me how I can correct that? Is there a pattern that doesn't include a lot of garter stitch? I am all for garter on edges and borders. Well anyway, here is a pic of my FLS.


On the quilty front. I am working on Mug Rugs for some co-workers. I am deciding on what "instant" gratification projects that I can do to get my quilting mojo back. Here's a pic of the current mug rug. It's a very simple pattern. For quilting, I have used one of the embroidery stitches available on my machine.

Mug Rug Mug Rug Backing

Until next time.................

Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's blocking time! This is the first time that I have attempted to block a garment-cardigan type. Don't look to close. Remember, I am new at knitting wearable garments. I am a garment knitter in training (GNIT). It's not perfect, but it is wearable. LOL

Blocking FLS OWL

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Off The Needles!!

I have completed my FLS!!! Yay for me. I completed binding off the 2nd sleeve at 6:24 p.m. What's left to do you ask? I have a few ends to weave in, blocking and applying the buttons. I have to admit that I have to search You Tube for a wet blocking video. So, in just a few days I'll have a completed FLS. My first Cardi.

Just off the needles pic:


Almost Done

I am so excited! I have about 2 inches to go on my last sleeve of the FLS. Since the weather is warming up, I decided to do a shorter version of the sleeves. I hope to finish the sweater and wet block today. Tomorrow, I'll work on sewing on my buttons. I see the
"Knitmore Girls" podcast tutorial in my future. Once I finish the sweater, I'll post a pic before attempting to block. This will be my first, blocking a sweater.

Until next time......