Sunday, January 16, 2011

FLS Progress, Not so much

February Lady Sweater progress, hmmmm, not so much. So, this week I have tinked back several times because of missed? dropped? yarn overs Got those corrected. I did my first pattern repeat, started the second pattern repeat only to discover I was to slip stitches for the sleeves after the 1st repeat. Well, this lead to yet another tink episode. I finally got to the point to separate the sleeves from the body. Instead of increasing 7 stitches under the arm, I decided that I didn't want that many stitches. So, with that said, I completed separating for the sleeves. Now, you may say, why didn't she add the 7 stitches? The answer would be, my attempt to alter a pattern. With that simple, I mean, simple pattern change, it has affected the whole lace pattern. I no longer have a continuous lace pattern. I have a lace pattern for each front and back. There is now 5 garter stitches under the arms going down the sides. My dilemma is now do I knit for a few repeats or do I frog back to my life line just before the eyelet increases? The life line is in the last row in which my stitch count was correct. I have decided to knit awhile and see what it is going to look like. I may like the look of the altered design. If not, I will frog and follow the pattern as written. I'll keep you posted on the FLS saga!!

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