Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Hello to all. I am still working on Easy Street Mystery being hosted by Bonnie Hunter. I have recently been obsessed with her Quiltcam session, vintage machines and scrappy patterns. I don't know what's happening to me. I am finishing up clue #3, ready to start #4, and #5 will be released tomorrow. Remember, slow and steady wins the race or NOT. Be sure to watch Quiltcam tonight @ 9:00 pm EST. It usually last about 2 hours. If you are like me, it's nice to have someone to sew with, even if it is virtually! It has a quilt retreat feel. is a pic of my progress!

Easy Street Clue #3

I have also put four "pillowcases" in the mail to support the Sandy Hook, CT tragedy. The post I got the information from was Bonnie Hunter's. You can read about it, here's the link: Here is a pic of what I sent.

Quilting Corner-Pillow Case Drive

An update on Lady G. I am still practicing my ruler work. Right now, I am just using straight edge rulers. I have also done some FMQ on my quilt using a design by Angela Walters. Here's a pic.

Ruler Work-10 Minute Block

That's what I am up to!

Until next time.......

Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving Slow on "Easy Street"

A quick update on my Easy Street progress. Well, as the title suggest, it's going slow. I wanted to post the bits that I have accomplished. First off,  my purple bucket is full of the colors I have chosen. My constant is "Kona Snow", my gray is a yellowish green batik. Here is my bucket:

Easy Street Colors

So, I have 80 4patches and an unknown amount of purple geese. I hope to have at least part one complete by Friday. If you want to shop from your stash, join Bonnie and her cast of characters on "Easy Street".

Easy Street Bits&Pieces

I have done a lot, but proud of what I have accomplished. As Bonnie says, "it's not a race". For those of you that have completed parts 1&2, rock on! Just a few more before I went to bed.

A Few More Pieces

BTW, if you are up for a treat, join Bonnie on her Quiltcam tomorrow night. Be sure to check her blog for the time!

Until next time...
AJ (TheQuiltingPot)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"WIWO" Wednesday Posted Thursday

I guess you are wondering what "WIWO" means.  Well, it is "what I'm working on" Wednesday's. I'm taking a listeners suggestion of committing to blogging once a week. Thank you Glescagal! It'll be a challenge, but I am up for it.

I have three things I am actively working on:

  • Lady G and the Rail Fence quilt. Custom quilting practice using ruler. I'll add additional pics soon.

On the Frame - Rail Fence

  • Easy Street mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  I must say, was a little late in hearing about this. I guess I live under a rock. So, after looking at the introduction and clue one I started thinking about participating. Of course there are many enablers and lots of peer pressure they live among my Twitter follower.  I have since joined the flicker group. I have made 40 of 194  four patches.
Easy Street Twosies 
4 Patches 
Easy Street 4patches

  • Sandy Quilt Block Drive. I pledged to make six block to send off. The pattern is a "Wonkey Log Cabin". My choice was not to use the traditional red for the center. My centers are all different. My logs will range from .75 to 2 inches. The final round will be done in black. I will not be trimming the block as per instruction.
Long Cabin Beginning-6 Block Pledge

Until next time

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Podcast Post Episode #24 and Updates

What I talk about, not necessarily in this order:
* Veterans Day Sew In (VDSI)-Google Hang Out.
I spent a lot of my day on "Tweet Chat" and some on "Google hangout".  I was also quilting my log cabin top as well as what working on this:

Batiks Ups & Downs

*Saturday Morning Sew In (SMSI)-Hosted by Brye Lynn

While I was sewing on the Bernina, the screen kept shutting off. It was sewing fine, when it was on, so I decided to try to finish the chevron blocks. I thought it would be best to complete the top using the same machine. Well, that didn't quite work! I got frustrated having to "reboot" the machine every few minutes. So, I packed her up and off to the hospital for her. She is well overdue for her checkup. continued to work on my "Ups & Down" quilt top. Using the chunking method to complete this little 4" squares-four in each block. I used the MSQ tutorial-swing a 1/4" all around. This is a very quick method for getting 4 hst, but you do have bias edges! I will say, I didn't do quite as much tweeting during the SMSI as I did on during the other sewin. However, I still had fun.

The top is remains on the design wall. I am debating to add two borders or just bind it. I haven't decided what color the binding will be. Any suggestions or thoughts on finishing?
*Tops Quilted: Log Cabin, PinWheel






*Quilt Gallery - Wonky log cabin for "Sandy Quilt Block Drive".

I have taken the plunge. I will be making 6 blocks for the cause. I should be able to get those completed and mailed off during my time off. I have chosen black to frame me blocks with. I think the suggested colors were black, dark gray, brown, navy or a dark color that will make your block pop. I have added a link if you are interested. At this time, the block drive is an ongoing effort. You can make blocks, do piecing, or volunteer to quilt a top.

Sandy Quilt Block Drive (Quilting Gallery)

* Diagonal backing calculator

A picture of my backing with the diagonal fold.
Backing-diagonal fold

An explanation of the diagonal backing calculator and it's limitation. The formula was developed by John Flynn. There is a link for him on the calculator pate. I will admit, I didn't do it justice. The link:

Diagonal Backing Calculator

* Upcoming quilt shows

A few shows on my radar coming up soon!

   Orlando, FL - Cabin Fever Quilt Show, 1-2 February 2013
   Hampton, VA - MidAtlantic Quilt Festival,  21-24 February 2013
   Paducah, KY - AQS, 24-27 April 2013

Until next time

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dreams Do Come True!

It's been over a month since I last podcast, Aug 5th to be exact. I will say I have kept my word, "a minimum" one time per month. Well now I will babble.

My Log Cabin block progress is coming along.  The blocks have been completed and now they have been cut again to make my wonky pattern.  I plan on putting a narrow border, then a larger border and applique a design. I know what I want my finish product to look like, I just have to attempt to put it down on paper, sketch form. That should be very, very interesting.

First, how many "Craftsy" classes have you enrolled in? Me, my grand total is 14 and I have my eye on one more. If you like to take online classes that never expire and at your own pace, the I suggest Craftsy. No, they are not paying me to advertise. I just believe in the product. I was interview by Sandy of "Quilting for the Rest of Us" podcast. The interview was to talk about how we tackled our project. We both took the "Stitch and Slash" class.

I went to a quilt show this past Saturday in Jacksonville Florida. It had just the right amount of vendors and The two that stood out for me was the cab of an 18 wheeler Peterbilt, over 8,000 squares to do that mosaic quilt. The other was the four patch/churn dash quilt made using one inch squares, almost 10,000 squares. It was a gorgeous scrappy quilt! This is what I bought while I was at the show:

Batiks & Hand dyed Fabrics

Patterns/Rulers/Wallhanging Kit

If you didn't know, one of our podcasters has been published in QNL magazine, "Best Xmas Quilts". The podcaster is Tanesha, of Crafty Garden Mom. I plan to make her pattern in her honor. When I do, you know I will be posting a pic right her on this blog. Probably Twitter too. 

If you like SyFy Series. Give "Haven" a try. But, before you do, I suggest you start with season 1. You can find that on YouTube. My oldest told me about the series, for me she hit the nail on the head. She knew I would like it.

My dream come true, I bought a "Gammill" Vision 18-8 with a 12ft table. It will be mid-end October before it comes to live with me. To make room for it, I will be moving out of my MBR into my now existing craft room. Why not, my current BR is just used for sleeping. Now I will have more space and the ability to have all of my craftiness in one room! Here is a stock photo of my purchase.


You may ask, what about that grace frame you just bought? Well, I am going to sell it along with the Brother PG1500 for a good price. So I plan to put it on Ebay,  in the Savannah classifieds and mention the sale at my  local quilt guilds. 


So, stay tuned! 

Until next time......

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Just a quick post to remind everyone to remember all those who lost there life on "9/11/01". Take a moment out of your day to pay tribute in whatever way that suites you.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Caught Up, Almost

If you listen to my podcast or follow me hear, you know I am enrolled in several "Craftsy" classes. I am  happy to annouce that I have caught up, almost that is, with the BOM. I completed June blocks yesterday. Yay for me! Here is a pic:

I have cut out the 20 wedges for the Dresden blocks. I should finish July's blocks in the month of July.

Until next time....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Oops, I Think!!

While sitting in my bed watching "Bewitched" on Roku and surfing on my lap top, I realized that I think I may have used the wrong instructor's name in my most recent Podcast. Carol Ann Waugh taught "Stupendous Stitching" and "Stitch and Slash".  I may have said "Wendy Butler Burns".  Please forgive the oops. That age thing, ya know.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

TOO Many Projects

In case you didn't know, I am addicted to "Craftsty" an online craft class platform. I am enrolled in several classes! They offer knitting, quilting, paper crafting, sewing, spinning and weaving. What's good about this is that they never go away.

If you follow me on "Twitter" or my you have seen a completed project from a Craftsy class. If not, you can find a pic of my completed project as well as the "BOM" that is in progress here:

This is my foundation for my "Stitch & Slash" block.

Citrusy Stack&Slash

SwapBot! Do you know it? I am participating in a string block swap this month. The swap is being hosted by Katie, of Katie's Quilting Corner Podcast. We are using Bonnie Hunter's technique for foundation piecing. The foundation we are using is muslin. I love string piecing!! Your 1/4" does not always have to be a 1/4". Great beginner quilter block! FYI, I have completed my 16 blocks. I will be mailing the blocks tomorrow. Each partner will get four blocks. Yay, another completed task for the month of July. Hmmm, maybe I should keep a log of completed crafty projects each month. BTW, sneak peek of the blocks.

8.5 Sting Block

If you enjoy enhancing your thread stash as much as your fabric/fiber (fSq), check out Connecting Threads website. Essential thread is discounted 30%, $1.74. Can't beat that price and the colors are yummy. I started using this line of thread as a recommendation by one of the Craftsy instructors, Wendy Butler Burns. This is one of her thread choices in her "Stupendous Stitches" class.

Fusion Crochet A Long, hosted by "Little Miss Shabby" information can be found here: Here is a pic of my progress.

Fushion Crochet-A-Long

As promised the link for the "Peg Board Thread Holder".

A fitting end to this post! Here are my boys!!!!!

Jodi & His Lion

Until next time.....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

Still here and have not pod-faded. I hope to get one out this weekend. A few more days of off time left. Here's what I have been doing:

"Stupendously Artful", a completed Craftsy class.
Stupendously Artful

Craftsy free "BOM". I have been playing catch-up with this one. I have completed the first 4 months.
Craftsy BOM Jan-April

Yet another Craftsy class, "Stitch & Slash". I have completed the foundation, it's time to embellish and quilt! What do you think of my color combination of "Citrusy Stitch&Slash"?

I am enjoying my time off doing things I enjoy. Enjoy the holiday with friends, family and stay cool.

Until next time......

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Big Move

WARNING: Wordy and Picture heavy!

What’s been happening with me since I last posted? Well let me tell you, a lot. If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you have already know some of what has happened.

Let me begin. I have made the big move! I now live in the peach state! I have been here now for a whopping 3 weeks. My youngest daughter helped me make the drive from VA. She was a big help. The drive took about 9 1/2 hours. Driving with 2 dogs is a new experience for me. Gizmo whined 75% of the drive down. He has been used to sitting and looking out the driver's side window. I know that's not a good thing to do!! So don't judge me. Jodi on the other hand, slept and looked out the back window. Not a peep out of him. For those who may have puppies, I will warn you, don't hold them while you drive. Start them out behind a doggie partition for your vehicle. Life will be a lot easier. Trust me. 

I spent 4 days sleeping on an air mattress before my furniture arrived. Let me just say, "backache". With the arrival of the furniture, comes boxes! I mean a lot of boxes! I am still going through boxes and probably will be for the next few months.
There are a lot of things in this state that I will have to get use to. Like, trash service and dry counties.

Since I have been here, my bank account was compromised!!! I felt so violated.  Somehow someone got my debit card number and made several purchases for more than $4500! Thanks to my bank, I have had that money placed back in my account. A warning for all who use online banking and make online purchases, check you account daily so you can catch any unauthorized purchases! 

The new home has given me a new sewing space. Each area of the room is dedicated to a particular function. I now have a cutting/ironing corner, machine quilting corner, sewing/embroidery corner and TV/library corner. Can I just say, I love my new space. In the backgound of my sewing area is the closet. The previous family converted it into an office space. My PC and printer are located there. As you can see, I still have some work to do, I am good with the overall arrangement.

Cutting/Ironing CornerQuilting Corner  Sewing/Embroidery Corner TV/Library Corner

My first stash enhancement at my new address!

New Home- 1st Stash Enhancement

My quilty endeavors at the moment. I am NuBees quilt block swap for the month of June. It''s a Flickr group consisting of hives and each hive has 5-6 people. You are required to make one 12.5" block for each member using their mosaic color scheme. I found the information through Pinterest Here are 4/5 blocks I have completed:

NuBees June 12 Swap

I am participating on two online "Craftsy" classes, Stupendous Stitches (background) and Art Quilting 101 (Free Form Flowers):

Stupendous Stitching Background Free Form Flowers

Here is a pic of some hand stitching. I still have some more embellishing to do.

Hand Stitching-Craftsy Class
Also, I have been following Leah Day's FMQ project. Here is a picture of my "Wholecloth" mini quilt

Marked Top (FriXion Pen) Quilting #1

Last but not least, my NY Beauty blocks. I am piecing the last block:

NYB Blocks 3/4

On my upcoming radar is Craftsy free BOM using Batiks and white BG (Kona/Moda),
I am not sure which I have. Also, I will be a part of the 8" String block swap through Swapbot ( The swap is being hosted by Katie (Quilted Magnolia) of Katie's Quilting Corner. The last day to sign up is June 30th. The blocks have to be mailed by the end of July.

I have been doing a little spinning using my "spindle" since I have been here. While the furry babies are running and chasing each other in the backyard, I take the opportunity to spin. They have settled in and thoroughly enjoying their new home. Gizmo is still fluffy and Jodi is now 11 lbs.

Spindle Spinning

Well, I think that's enough for now. Until next time.......

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day Late! Week #4 Giveaway.

A day late, but not a dollar short! This is the last week of my celebrating with Sandy from "Quilting for the Rest of Us"One lucky winner will win these lovely FQ's.

All you have to do is leave me a comment.  How easy is that? The drawing will be held on Monday, April 30th.

BTW, a new podcast was posted yesterday. Stay tuned, photos to come!

Until next time...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

It's nice to be back in VA. I have been out of town for the past four days. If you didn't already know, I will be relocating to GA next month. But, that is not why I am posting tonight.

Please congratulate "Colleen" for being lucky #3 and the winner of my Week #3 giveaway. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for my last giveaway for the month of April. If you don't know, I am still celebrating Sandy's, Quilting for the Rest of Us, Podcast Birthday.

Until next time......

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Winner Wk #2 & Week #3 Giveaway!

The random number generator picked Sandi as my week 2 winner! She was lucky #5. If you see Sandi hanging out on the net, please let her know she won and she has until Friday MN to claim her prize.

This is Week #3 giveaway prize:

Moda Charm

So if you want to play along, leave me a comment on "how you quilt your quilts".

BTW, completed my first New York Beauty block!!! OK, one of four blocks to complete a full circle. Joining Sandy's slow quilt movement!

Batik Beauty

Until next time......

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let The Celebration Continue!

Week #2 in support of Sandy's celebration of 2 yrs podcasting. This week you can win these lovely four FQ's.


To enter, leave me a comment of your favorite non-quilty craft. The contest will end midnight, Friday 13 
April. It will be good luck for one lucky winner.

While I have your attention, do you follow me on "Twitter"? You should. In the not too distant future, I will be announcing random give away's there. My twitter ID is "KnittyAJ".

Until next time......

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week #1 Winner!!

First I would like to thank all of you who commented. I have read them all and will be talking about "favorite" techniques of my listeners. So, stay tuned for that upcoming podcast. As you recall, I am participating in Sandy of "Quilting For The Rest Of Us" give away for podcast BD celebration. I will be posting another give away tomorrow!

DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLLLLL PLEASE!!!  Random # generator results #33

THE LUCKY WINNER IS:     Gretchen!!!

Congratulations.  As soon as I get your snail mail addy, I will get your package out to you.

Until next time.........

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let The Celebration Begin!!

Well, it's  April 1st and also April Fools Day. This is no joke, I am participating in a month long of weekly give aways. The first item in the block is a charm pack, "Urban Couture" by Moda. Who couldn't use more charm squares? Collect enough and you can make an old fashioned charm quilt. Does anyone make charm quilts anymore?

Moda - Charm Pack

You can enter in one of two ways:

1. Subscribe to my blog and leave a comment that you have subscribed.
2. Leave a comment about your "favorite" quilting technique.

Just a reminder, make sure I can notify you if you are the WINNER! The cut off for entries will be 1100 a.m. on Saturday, 7 April and the winner will be posted at 12 noon. Don't forget to watch for a new post on Sunday for another give away!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Join Me In A BD Celebration !!!!!

I am joining the party to celebrate Sandy's podcast birthday!!! I know all of you know who she is. Just in case you don't know her podcast is "Quilting For The Rest Of Us" and it has been 2 years. So, I will be having a give away each week for the month of "April" to help her celebrate! I will be posting a pic and how to enter the give away each Sunday beginning tomorrow, 1 April.  The last give away post will be 22 April. So be sure to check out my blog each week for new posts. 

The Quilting Pot Podcast
PS  Sandy,  Hope you don't mind that I borrowed your BD image!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do You Watch Online Quilt Shows??

Hello all! I know it's been awhile since I posted. I have no excuse to give you. So instead of dwelling on what I haven't done, I decided to move on and post a little today. I was wondering if the readers could help me? Here's my question:

Do you watch online quilt shows? If so, which ones and are they helpful? The reason I asked is that during "National Quilt Day" weekend, the Quilt Show was free the entire weekend! I took full advantage of the shows. At one point in my life I did subscribe to QNN, however I've found that I like the Quilt Show a little better. I am a subscriber of "Craftsy". I like the fact that once you sign up/subscribe, you can watch the show as many times as you like. I also like the fact that it never expires. So, that my questions to you. Share your feed back with me.

For those who listen to my podcast, the show notes for episode #17 can be found at, you can listen there as well. I will be posting some pics of the things I talk about here.

Here's my complete table runner top! I used Deb Tucker's Rapid fire ruler for this. If you recall this was the "emergency" that caused me to break my fabric diet. Speaking of fabric diet, it has been 29 days.

Hunter's Runner

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this completed top.
Pocket Full Of Pinwheel (Riley Blake Pattern)
It's the "Pocket Full Of Pinwheel" quilt top by Riley Blake, Freckle Whimsy. If you would like to see the tutorial, here's the link:

Command Strips! The best invention when you don't want to put holes in your walls. Perfect for renters. Well, this is what I am now using to hand some of my quilting tools.

command strips

Last but not least. I am planning yet another project. I have a "New York Beauty" quilt/wall hanging on my mind! Of course it will be a paper piece project. You almost have to with those pointy point. It's a known fact that I still struggle with precision when piecing. I have the add a quarter ruler, foundation paper piecing paper by Carol Doak and I am ready to give it a whirl.

Well, I think this will be it. I had more to say than I thought!!! So, stay tuned to see what's next.

Until next time...........