Sunday, May 22, 2011

Framing Border-What Color??

Almost complete with the main portion of my quilt. With soooooo many colors, I can't decide on what color to frame it in. My initial thought is to add a 3" frame to the quilt using the same purple as the "center cathedral window". I have decide to do a 5" piano key border using the same color family. Any thoughts? Anyone?????

Batik Not Quite 10 minute Block Quilt

I have been listening to a few of my fav quilting podcasts and have become curious about modern quilting. The quilts that have have seen have been simple, free form and gorgeous in design. With that said, I have joined the "NOVA Modern Quilt" guild in my area. I still am not sure if it a virtual guild or if they have regular meetings. Today they were scheduled to meet locally at a guild members home not too far from me. Bummer, I wasn't able to attend during that particular time frame. I am looking forward to making a quilt totally different then my long time quilty style. You see, I like country type quilts. This is going to be a challenge for me!! Keep your eyes on my blog for my progress.

Below is a recipe for my first attempt at a modern quilt:

Recipe for a Modern Quilt

Until next time................

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Exciting 1st Week In MAY!!!

Well, hello to all! I wish all the moms and moms-to-be, "Happy Mother's Day". I have been away for awhile but now I am back. You know that ole saying, life gets in the way. Well, since I last posted...I have turned a year older. Yep, another year on this side of the grass.

You ask, what have I been up to?? Well, I went to Kentucky for a conference and had the opportunity to visit "Churchill Down's". What a fascinating place with an equally fascinating history. I did take a few pics of course.

Churchill Downs Race for the RosesIMG_1734

Anna Nicole's Derby Outfit: Derby Outfit

Louisville Slugger Museum: IMG_1737

I spent Saturday at MDSW! What beautiful weather we had!! It was nice being able to walk around and not burn up. Of course, there were lots of people. Not to mention the long lines at the Signature Needle, Gryphon, Ms Babs, and the Fold's booths!!!!! No fleece purchase this year. I still have Corriedale left from last year. Here's a list of my latest acquistion, like a needed more:

1. Bosworth Boat Shuttle in Purpleheart wood finish
2. Bosworth Midi Spindle, .34oz, in Purpleheart wood finish
3. 45 Degree Angle Lazy Kate in Purpleheart wood finish
4. Ms Babs, 8oz braid, Merino/Bamboo/Tussah Silk Top, "Neptune's Beard" Colorway
5. Cherry Tree Hill, 996 yd Hanks x3, Supersock Lace: Cabin Fever, African Grey, and Indian Summer Colorway
6. Bijou Basin, 4 hanks of 75% Yk Down/25% Bamboo-22-401 Colorway; 14-120 Colorway x1
7. "Carried Away" wool applique pattern by Golias
7. Show T-Shirt, Purple

Here's a group photo of my purchases.


Update on my quilty adventure WIPS. I am in the process of making a banner for my front door. It's sorta plain without my Christmas Wreath. So I decided to make something that would be patriotic and summery. This is what I came up with:

Door Banner

A while back, I think I was listening to "Katie's Quilting Corner" podcast or reading her blog, when I came across the "10 minute block". Well, of course my blocks where not 10 minutes. I have completed two. I am planning to make a top with 3 blocks across and 4 down, not including the borders. We'll see how that goes. I chose Batiks for my palette.


I am a "Civil War/Muted Fabrics kinda Gal. So, the bright Batiks are not my comfort zone. Of course, the center is a purple Batik!! This is my progress so far:


Oops!! Almost forgot my Knitty update!! I am using "Wolle's Yarn Creations", color changing cotton in the colorway Desert Clay 2, 865yds for the "Weekend Shawl" by Anne Kuo Lukito. Here's my progress.


Until next time..........