Saturday, December 31, 2011

In Honor of BDSI

Two lucky winners are chosen!!!! If you listen to my podcast and follow my blog, you knew that I was hosting a give away in honor of BDSI. I chose to choose the winners on New Years Eve! This is how it was done:

*If your name appeared twice, you were only counted once.
*If you left me a comment on my "Podbean" site, you were added to the end of the list here.

Using the Random Number Generator from "", here are the winners:
DRUM ROLL.........

#10 Quilt in A Jar---Verylazydaisy
#6 Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn--Ann

Congratulations!! Please send me you mailing information via email so that I can get your fabric and fiber goodness out to you.

Thanks to all who left knitting and quilting tips and thanks for playing.

Monday, December 26, 2011

BDSI-Give Away Photos

Here are pics of the giveaway items:

Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn
For the Knitters

Quilt in a Jar
For the Quilters

To enter:
*follow my blog
*leave a comment
*begin you comment with knitting and/or quilting for the give away item you are interested
*post a knitting, quilting, or FMQ tip

Winners will be announced "New Year's Eve"!

Having trouble with ITunes! Here's a link to the podcast feed:

Joining the Fun, BDSI

It is here! Boxing Day Sew In! Join us on Twitter with hash tag #BDSI. My immediate focus for today is quilting my Arabesque wallhanging and piecing my Stretched Star pattern. All else will be, as they say, icing on the cake.

TQP#11 has been recorded.....

This week I:

* start off babbling

* talk about Joann Fabric coupons

* give a little update on "Hit the Jackpot, part 2

* share my Jelly Roll Race quilt naming

* bring you with me on my FMQ journey

* share a give away for one lucky quilter and one lucky knitter (2 prizes)

* what "Boxing Day" is according to Wiki

* Roll Call

The give away will be drawn, using the random number generator, sometime on New Year's eve.

See you on Twitter and happy sewing. Progress pics to follow in another post.

Until next time.......

Friday, December 23, 2011

Join The Fun!!

Join the fun! Just completed a top inspired by "Jelly Roll Race" quilt. I started it this morning. Will have to say, it went together pretty quickly. If you need a quick project, this is it. This is what I started with.

(Get Ready) Night at the Races

This is the completed top. Ready for batting, backing and binding.

Night At the Races

I call it "Midnight at the Races". Stay tuned!!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hit The Jackpot!

WARNING! Photo Heavy!

I hit the "Jackpot"!!! The fabric and UFO Jackpot that is. I am in the process of organizing my upstairs quilting space. It's the smallest of the 3 bedrooms. While I was digging out the closet and looking in covered bins, I found things that I had forgotten I had! I have not idea when it was purchsed. A 1 year ago, maybe 2 or 3 years ago, I am not sure. What I am sure of is...."I bought it". Here are some pics of my finds:

1930's BOM 30's BOM
1930's BOM that I completed, almost.

30's Block Swap Quilted 30's Block SwapOnline 30's Block Swap

Red&Green Applique Red & Green Applique
Red &Green Applique-already pin basted and ready for quilting!

TX Blue Bonnets in Purple
TX Blue Bonnets in Purple. This is some of my earlier applique and piecing.

Chicken Quilt Top
This was during my chicken phase!!! Forgot about this one....

My new FAVE is the Simplicity Side Winder! I love this little thing. It winds bobbins very fast. I have a tendency to wind my bobbins while the machine is still thread, needle and all. I know that can't be good for the machine, but it happens. Needless to say, I have broken a few needles winding bobbins this way. I think I have found a fix for my lack of patience. Here is a pic:

Side Winder by Simplicity

My very timely find was this mini Snowman Quilt w/beading. This was another 1st for me.
Snowman Mini Quilt Snowman Mini Quilt (close up)

My instant gratification project, the Fabric Bowl!
Fabric Bowl

Sushi @ Christmas top is complete!

Sushi @ Christmas

Here is a quick pic of the craft room WIP:
Craft Room-WIP

I think I'll stop now with the finds. I have several more to talk about, but I shall save some for another time.

TQP#10 is recorded and available on ITunes.

Until next time...........

Sunday, December 11, 2011

In Just 14 Days

Is anyone else having problems getting in the holiday spirit? Or is it just me. This is my favorite time of year, however, I can't seem to get into the spirit. I have my holiday music blasting in my car and at work hoping it will get me there. I took my tree out of storage yesterday, but it still remains in the bag today. I did muster up the strength to put out my "Snowman" flag and hand my holiday wreath on the front door. In just 14 days, Christmas will be here. Will I be ready. No I am not depressed, but just not in the spirit at this time.

Projects I am working on:

Sushi at Christmas
Sushi at Christmas

Jovial Fabric Bowl
Jovial Fabric Bowl

If you need a quick gift, do I have a link for you. A must see tutorials by Jenni of the MSQCo - Christmas Tree Skirt from 2 Charm packs. Take a look!

Something I would like to focus on, FMQ Challenge 2012. I hope to improve FMQ'ing so that I can quilt the tops that I piece. I want to be able to take what design is in my head to my finger tips, and end up on a quilt top that I pieced. Then I can say, I made that quilt from start to finish. Once I can accomplish that, then the next step is design!

I am planning to organize my time, stash and my work spaces. I would love to be able to finish more quilts. Right now I am in the "top" phase. I would like to be in the running with those who complete from start to finish.

Check out these book raves: Quilters Academy Vol. 1 & 2, by Harriet Hargrave and Carrie Hargrave, Posh Pocket Tips for Quilters, Posh Pocket Tips for Knitters. I am finding them very informative.

Last but not least, I have finished 75% of the "Thermis" neck warmer for my sister. It's time to start thinking of buttons. It should be completed by the weekend.

Podcast #9 was uploaded.

Until next time

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Desperate Quilter

Episode #8 is out. I hope the sound quality is better. Thanks to all who are sticking with me!

As I mentioned in a previous podcast, I went out of town during the Thanksgiving holiday to assist my sister after her surgery. I want to thank the listeners that sent out well wishes to her. You know who you are. Just to update you, she is doing well, using her cane vs her walker and getting up and down the stairs without any assistance.

While I was on my mini vay-cay, is that a word, I planned to focus on my knitting. It was portable and took up less space in my suitcase and my vehicle. Well, all I took with me was knitting, no quilting items. I was at my sister's all of 1 1/2 days, I wanted to quilt. I was told by my sister that she had a sewing machine. Excitement, you can't imagine how excited I was. My sister doesn't sew!! So, she told me she wanted me to fix a seam in 2 pairs of her pants. I said,ok. I went to get the machine out of hiding and to my surprise, this is what I found.

Sewing Machine
Dressmaker Sewing Machine

I sooooo wanted to quilt. I took the machine, no foot pedal, however there was a "start/stop" button. At my finger tips, I had the ability to sew a straight stitch only. So, I decided to go to a big box store to buy some inexpensive fabric, small cutting mat and rotary cutter to play with. A coupon was involved of course. I figured crumb blocks of sorts would be best. I could make my seam 1/4" using the rotary cutter! Here's what I did. Not to bad for a desperate quilter.


Well, you are not in you local area, you must visit LQS's and LYS's. I did just that. I went to Fabric Hut, also an online shop I order from, in Norfolk, VA. Purchased the Accuquilt Go-Snowman and Batiks there. Also, I visited Nancy's Calico Patch in Newport News, VA and purchased more Batiks and Aurifil thread for piecing. Her shop is an authorized Bernina Dealer. I toyed with the idea of purchasing a Bernett 46, however, I talked myself out of that. This would be a perfect machine for a very young person that has interest in sewing.

Progressing nicely on my Weekend Shawl. I am now on the Sunday pattern repeat! Ten rows to go. Completed a couple of knitting projects while there! I stared another cowl for my sister, at her request. I just love how people say, "can you make me one?" Her color choice is a "neutral/beige".

Nikki's Thermis Jazzy Scarf

On my 2+ hour drive home, I caught up on "Quilting for the Rest of Us" podcast, episodes 67-69 and a portion of 70. Listening made the drive home a lot easier.

This is what I started since I got home:

Christmas N Batiks

BTW, haven't started my BOM project yet...there was a little bump in the road in my plans!!! Stay tuned!

Until next time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Quilting Pot Listeners

Can You Still Hear? For the listeners of the podcast. I received several comments regarding the music volume. I want to apologize to all of my listeners, that is if you can still hear, to the volume of the music in my last podcast. I will "take it down a notch" in future podcasts.

Thanks for being gentle with the comments.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Purpose of 3

I had a good week. My "SewEzi" table was delivered on Wednesday. I purchased 2 plexiglass inserts. It was easy to assemble. This will be the home of my Brother Nouvelle 1500. Unless I need to use it for travel. Here is a pic with the machine in place.

Brother Set Up

So now that the Brother has a home, it completes my quilting needs. One machine for piecing/embroidering, one for sewing binding/travel/as a backup and one for FMQ'ing.
"The Purpose of 3"

I have tried a new technique, new to me anyway, of spray basting a quilt. The technique is by Patsy Thompson and it is called "wall basting". If you own your home and plan to live there for awhile, here use of ceiling tiles is the way to go.If not, you can do what I did as a renter. I used push pins, in-expensive flannel backed table cloth, and can of 505 for basting. Here's a pic of my wall.

Wall Basting #3

I saw the video on You Tube. Here's the link of the video:

Join me in the FMQ Project 2012, hosted by SewCalgal. There will be a different FMQ tutorial each month, presented by different host. If you complete the assignment each month, you will be entered into a drawing. Go over to her site. You can find it here:

I continually increase my stash, whether it is fabric, quilting tools or yarn. I think I need to join Katie in here diet commitment. I scored a Stack N Stitch Thread Tower at JoAnn's, buttons for my neck warmer and a 6x12 cutting mat for my AccuQuilt Go. I receive promotions, not only by snail mail, but email as well. This particular promotion has several coupons. One of which was a 60% off coupon in addition to $ amounts off. I used my coupon plus an additional $10 off. I saved over $30 bucks. Just could let that 60% off go to waste! Here's pic of the neck warmer and thread tower:

Stitch N Stack Thread Holder Thead Tower
"Pardon" the thread snippets on the carpet, right side of the packaging, Works are in Progress!!!

I completed my DeJavu Neck Warmer, made from luscious Malabrigo worsted weight yarn. I can't believe it only took me a week to do! Now my daughter wants me to make her one. Her color choices are black's, grey's and white. I don't know why that child likes those dark colors! 90% of her wardrobe is black, grey, white and occasionally a pop of red. So, I purchased yarn to make her a Thermis Neck Warmer. I will admit, her yarn choice can be machine washed and dried! I don't need her to felt yarn that is a little more costly than big box store yarns. I also completed my "Twist" table topper/wall hanging-still have to add a label, if nothing other than quilt name, my name and a date.

DeJavu Thermis Neck Warmer
Table topper:

That brings me to what I am working on now. Three knitting projects, Nikki's neck warmer, the Weekend Shawl and the 10 stitch circular blanket. Yes, I said circular! After 3 tries at the rectangular version, I decided the circular one was easier.

Last but not least, I have quilted my Mug Rugs for the swap. Now just need to ad a little binding. I hope to get them out before I head out of town this week. Pics to come soon.

Until next time...........

Saturday, November 19, 2011

FMQ 2012

If you want to learn or just improve your free motion quilting, check out this blog. There's always room for more knowledge and fun. I am sure you will learn something. Perhaps a tip or a trick. Join me in the fun.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Really, How Many is Too Many?

Like many others, I am sure, I tend to accumulate a lot of projects of all types. These are just a few. I know if I dug deeper, I would find more! Below is a list of what I talked about in my podcast, "The Quilting Pot", episode #6. I hope the links work! Just copy and paste the URL.

My current projects:

*Stretch Star-piecing in progress. I am using "chunking" technique for the piecing the ten 4 1/2" x twelve 4 1/2" squares. I started out connecting in twosies, then foursies, and so on. I have completed the first four rows.

*Hexes and O's-completed top
*Arabesque-completed top
*Twist small WH- need Binding
*Modern Log Cabin-need binding
*Piano in the Park-need binding
*Not Quite 10 Minute Block
*Snowman Applique WH-completed top
*Knitted Jazzy Scarf-50%

What's Growing in November 2011:

*Christmas Ladder-Sushi Roll/White background w/stars
*Thermis Neck Warmer-CO 11/12(HPKCHC)
I am using luscious Malabrigo Worsted for this project. I am calling it DeJavu in honor of it's color.

DeJavu Thermis

*Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown -

Starting December 1st:

*Baltimore Christmas WH-starting Dec. 1st (12 mos. of Baltimore) I will hopfully update on my progress the last weekend of the month. My plan is to complete, as it is called, "a block a month".

Finish of the Week:

Don't Chain Me InApplique DetailBack-Irish ChainDbl Irish Chain Detail

Completed this wall hanging on SAT, 11/12. I hope you can see some of my FMQ. Before I started on the project, I started practicing on a place mat that didn't quite make it. I had very few problems practicing on the place mat. However, when I put the quilt under the needle, I started to get skipped stitches and a broken needles. I guess my hands are moving too fast for the

I recently purchased a "SewEzi" table to set up my Brother PQ1500 so that I can practice my FMQ. I won't have to change settings to practice. It will be always at the ready for Journal Tales.

BTW, if you have every thought about podcasting give "School of Podcasting" by David Jackson a listen. He has some great tips.

Until next time..........

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ooops, I Forgot to Mention!

I forgot to mention my Baltimore Christmas BOM. I started receiving the packets in January of this year. After Seeing Pam's, ( of Hip To Be A Square Podcast), Halloween Quilt I am inspired to get this BOM started. Of course it will be for Christmas 2012. I too will use fusible, Misty fuse to be exact. I have only one problem. I am missing the fabric packs for February and March. If I can't find them by the time I finish the other 10 blocks, I'll have to have fabric substitutes. Who I am kidding, I won't need those two for a very long time. Here is a pic of the quilt:

Baltimore Christmas BOM

Until next time...........

Oh Look, There's A Squirrel

I have diagnosed myself as having crafty induced "ADD".
I don't seem to be able to stay focused on one or two projects. I have several projects, (fiber, fabric, yarn, markers), going on all at one time. How do you focus. I start with a couple of projects, before I know it I see or here something that I totally want to do. So what do I do? I start something new to add to the pot!! Does that sound like ADD to you? With the lack of the ability to focus on one thing before being distracted---it's sorta like----"Oh Look, There's A Squirrel", hence the title.

Regardless of my self diagnosis, I a focused on improving my precision piecing. I had 3 suggestions that I have acted on, the book and DVD by Sally Collins, "Mastering Precision Piecing" (suggested by Pam & Nonnie respectively) and the single hole plate (suggested by Tammy in Denmark). I have thumbed through the book and viewed a portion of the DVD. I will admit, it is a lot of information to wrap your head around. Good stuff though! I will be testing out the new machine plate today while finishing the Irish Chain quilt top. The top is more than 3 yrs old. I used the Accuquilt Go "Doggy Die" to add an applique addition to the top. Inner and outer border still to come.

Irish Chain-UFO

Irish Chain updated

Completed Mondo Bag. I still have to top stitch around the top and give it a press.
Mondo Bag

A couple of progress pictures of the Mondo Bag:

Mondo Bag 1 Mondo Bag 2

In the midst of working on the Mondo Bag I decided I wanted to start a new project. I cut out a hefty backgound square and fused some hexagons and circles. I guess the talk about "attack of the Hexies", I wanted to be a part of it. Well this is my take!!! BTW, a whole lot quicker I may add. I call it: "Hex's and O's". I used my Accuquilt Go to cut the shapes. My question, does it need an inner and outer border? I purchased a fabric to use as an inner border and would use that background for the outer border and add the remaining hexagons and circles. What do you think?

Hex's & O's

A closer look
Hex's & O's-detail

My idea of an art quilt in the making...proud to say it came from my brain. Pretty ok for a first!!

What I scored on my "road trip"!

Stash enchancer

What I am planning:
* a knitted blanket or a shawl
* string quilt table runner and placemats for the holidays using the "Sushi Jelly Roll" pictured above. It doesn't scream Christmas but more like, it's the holidays.

Thanks to all who commented in various places. BTW, TQP #5 is up!

Until next time.............

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Precision Piecing Plea

Guess what......

It's snow in October and TQP #4 is up! Yes, it has been snowing in my area, well sorta. The falling snow is what I call "wet snow". It's a little too warm for the snow to stick, however, you can definitely see the snow flakes.

I got a little knitting in this week. I am still working on the scarf for my daughter. I must admit, this is the hardest fiber I have yet to work with. I thought mohair was difficult, but this stuff is just "awkward". I do love the look. Here is a pic of my progress.


Episode #4 is a short podcast. I didn't do much quilting this week. Work has been getting in the way. I have been getting into bed around 7:30pm. Early you say? Yes, it is a little early, but I have been very tired.

I babble a bit about my IPhone. I have lost service multiple times. The phone displays "sim failure". Let me just say, after being on the phone an hour and a half, I did not get anything resolved using Sprint. The bottom line, I had to take my phone to a "Apple Store". I hope the problem has been corrected, if not, I will be making another 28 mile trip back to the Apple Store to get a new phone.

Online quilt magazine discovery. I posted in the forum over in Big Tent also. It has tutorials, articles and a couple of BOM patterns. The download is free, give it a look.

I am working on my "Stretched Stars" quilt top. It's a lot of piecing going on. I am have a time putting these HSTs together. Let's just say, I am not a precision piecer. It is a little harder fudging HSTs. So, seamed the ripper has been prevalent in getting this top together. I am putting out a PLEA for any assistance or recommendations on improving my piecing!!! I need help desperately. After getting a close look at the block, I could have constructed the blocks in a much easier fashion. As they say, hind sight is 20/20. Here's my progress:

Stretched Stars

Quiltsmart Mondo Bag beginning. The is the pattern and jelly roll that I will be using to make my bag. If you look close, you can see the printed fusible interfacing.

Mondo Pattern Mondo Bag beginning

The wall hanging destined for binding. The picture is not very "sharp". I never said I was a photographer, however, you get an idea of what it looks like.


Until next time..........