Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1-Cast On and Other Stuff

OWL FLS Progress Report

Cast on this afternoon. I completed to first 4 rows....and then, I snag!!! Yes, a snag so early in the game. 5th row, "k3, knit buttonhole, knit to the end". Well, you guessed it. I have never, I mean never knitted a buttonhole before. Don't get me wrong..I have "sewn" many buttonholes before. Knitting one, not so much. Well, after reviewing several videos, reading a couple of tutorials, and 2 hours later, success!!! Thank goodness that I plan to only knit 3 buttonholes!! I am now about 1/2 inch away from the next buttonhole. I sure hope this one doesn't take 2 hours.


Sad to say, my loom is empty and waiting for it's next warping. Have no fear, I received a box from UPS containing o 3/2 pearl cotton mini cones and one regular size natural color cone. I see a project on the horizon. A "set" of place mats???? Sound like a plan.


Traced out my applique letters for my "Texas Home" BOM. I will machine applique them tomorrow.


Does looking at my wheel with a half spun bobbin count? No, really? Well then, I guess I'll have to admit that no spinning has taken place since the loom arrive. Just to let you know, I will spin at a minimum of 2 days this week.

Until next time...........

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