Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rounding 3rd - FLS

Update on FLS OWL project for HPKCHC. Coming along on the sweater. Enough of garter stitch. I am about 6 rows from the last button hole ( BH) and close to starting the lace pattern. Let's just say, I need a lot of practice in knitting button holes.

My first BH attempt with You Tube in the background:

And the second:

Gift for a Friend

I warped my loom in AKA Sorority colors, pink and green, with the intent on making placemats for a friend in Texas. However, once the loom was warped and the weaving began, the yarn does not want to be placemats. I think it wants to be a runner of some kind. Before my "lashing" attempt:


Lashed warp with an appearance of "Gizmo" in the background:

I am using "I Love This Cotton" purchased from Hobby Lobby. This cotton has a very soft feel compared to PnC. I 'll report back, once the project is completed and washed.

Until next time........

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