Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Down, One to Go!

Good morning to all who may read this. For the month of January, I have not been doing a lot of crafting. Some here and there between my work project and my online class. However, I have just completed my LAST 2 papers for my classI It feels as if a "weight" has been taken off my shoulders! One down and one to go. Tuesday is the presentation of my big work project! Once that's done, I can knit, spin, weave, and quilt to my hearts content. What a joyous time I am going to have.

Today marks the beginning of spending time doing the things I enjoy. My to do list for today:

1. Complete my pink/green runner on my 25" Schacht Flip Loom and post pics on my RAV page and blog.
2. Knit at least 4 inches on my OWL project for the HPKCHC and post pics
3. Warp my "new" Cricket loom that arrived on the24th of this month. I plan on making "mug mats".

So, time for breakfast, more coffee, and then on with my crafty plans for my leisure Sunday!

Until next time..................

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Progress and What I don't Know

It's been about a week since I last posted. It's Sunday evening and I have spent most 80% of my weekend working on papers for a web-based class. I did manage to knit and weave a little. I also attended my 2 hour photography class on Saturday. It's amazing how little I know about taking pictures. I have gone from the point and shoot picture taker, to a DSLR photographer. There are sooo many "icons" on my camera that does not equate to "AF and shoot"!

Well, my progress on my FLS is slow but steady. If I have not mentioned before, I am a slow knitter. Now, with that said, you should read the entire set of directions before knitting. Maybe read them a couple of times! I have looked at other knitter project notes on Ravelry along with the changes in the design. For me, I want less bell in my sleeves and not as much bulk under the arms. To me, that meant not adding "7" stitches on either side when separating for the sleeves. I cast on "5" stitches and proceeded. When I got to the lace pattern, I discovered that those 7 stitches was part of the "lace pattern repeat"! I decided not to frog any more rows. I have tinked and frogged enough since I started. So, the 5 stitches that I cast on will now be a "garter band" from the armpit down. This is MY design element for the FLS. I am not sure of how it will turn out, but I will continue and finish this sweater. It may be for me or not. Here is a pic of my progress.

IMG_1482 IMG_1481

Oh! Almost forgot to tell you "what I don't know". I have discovered that I don't know how to "fix" garter stitches. I was actually correcting them as if they were knit stitches which was not right on the opposite side. Then I tried to correct them as if they were purl stitches and that was wrong as well! Thanks to whom ever started You Tube. I watched a video on correcting garter stitches. I guess you alternate a knit and a purl to correct garter stitch. I now know how to fix "dropped or incorrect" garter stitches. Who knew a simple stitch could cause so much grief. I will let you in on a little secret. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone. Under one arm there is a couple of incorrect corrected garter stitch! Just so you know, I am leaving it!!!!!

Still not quite finished the woven pink and green runner. I work a little every day, even if it is just 2 or three picks. BTW, I ordered a Cricket Loom last week. It is due to arrive tomorrow, 1/24/11 via my FAVORITE UPS man. I expect it around 5-6 p.m. I will use my Cricket for small projects like scarfs and mug mats. I purchased the new weaving DVD by Jane Patrick. She goes through several design techniques that I should be able to do on my Cricket. I plan to do a sampler cloth.

Well, tomorrow is work day, 0245 wake up. I must say, work is taking up a lot of my crafting time. I have a few pressing projects at work that is taking up a lot of my spare time. In a week or so, I should be back to enjoying my crafts.

Until next time...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

FLS Progress, Not so much

February Lady Sweater progress, hmmmm, not so much. So, this week I have tinked back several times because of missed? dropped? yarn overs Got those corrected. I did my first pattern repeat, started the second pattern repeat only to discover I was to slip stitches for the sleeves after the 1st repeat. Well, this lead to yet another tink episode. I finally got to the point to separate the sleeves from the body. Instead of increasing 7 stitches under the arm, I decided that I didn't want that many stitches. So, with that said, I completed separating for the sleeves. Now, you may say, why didn't she add the 7 stitches? The answer would be, my attempt to alter a pattern. With that simple, I mean, simple pattern change, it has affected the whole lace pattern. I no longer have a continuous lace pattern. I have a lace pattern for each front and back. There is now 5 garter stitches under the arms going down the sides. My dilemma is now do I knit for a few repeats or do I frog back to my life line just before the eyelet increases? The life line is in the last row in which my stitch count was correct. I have decided to knit awhile and see what it is going to look like. I may like the look of the altered design. If not, I will frog and follow the pattern as written. I'll keep you posted on the FLS saga!!

Until next time.........

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 5- TMAD/Not So Much

I must start off by saying, I missed "day 4"! In just 5 days I have found it difficult to blog about 4 different crafts. I won't call it a failure, however, I will call it less than practical. I have scared away one of my subscribers. Oh well, I shall carry on even if no one follows. I have to decided to take the daily pressure of blogging off of my shoulders and blog when I have something to say. With that said, he it is!

My FLS is coming along. I have completed my first repeat of the lace pattern!!! Yay for me. I will say that I have "tinked" serveral times during the first repeat. I still enjoy the knitting process of this sweater. I may not knit fast, but I knit on this sweater everyday! That's all for now.

Until next time........

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 3 - TMAD

Just chiming in! Not so much today. I guess being back at work shortens my entire day. An 0230 wakeup and 1630 arrival home makes for a long day! How ever, I did get my 30 minutes of knitting on my FLS and some weaving time! Does that count?

Until next time.........

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 2 -TMAD

Back to work tomorrow. :-( This will reaaalllly cut into my crafting time. Well, I am employed and that a good thing. It supports my fabric, fiber and toys that go with it. Well a quick update:

Weaving: another 6" woven plus a start of pattern repeat
Knitting: OWL project-started the first row of the lace pattern, when complete it's time to separate for the sleeves
Spinning: spun for 40 minutes. Had to finish the portion I separated
Quilting: Texas BOM-1st of 2 panels together. I will be using pearl cotton #8 to do the buttonhole stitch.

Have to get ready for a 0230 wake up! The gym calls me at 0430, MWF.

Until next time.......

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 1 -Thirty Minutes a Day

My Deck

This is how I began my day. Indeed a perfect day for crafting. Project updates:
Weaving - I added 4 more inches to my "AKA Sorority Color" table runner.
Knitting - completed the eyelet increases, 7 rows of garter stitch on my OWL project. I think 1.5 - 2 inches more of garter stitch
before starting the lace pattern.


Quilting - decided to blanket stitch "Texas Out Texas" for block #1 instead of machine applique.
Spinning - Corriedale fleece, lots of it! This is what I spun today:


This is what's left. BTW, I have five more of the same to spin. Thanks MDS&W!


Until next time.........

Thirty Minutes A Day

It's Saturday morning with snow falling outside. Just enough to give a "dusting" to the ground. While watching the snow, mentally planning my day, I decided that I would devote thirty minutes a day working on the fabric and fibery things I enjoy. Not to say this is the only time that I will give to my projects. I will certainly work on some a little more than others. This is my solution of working on each individual project every day. With the snow outside, what better day to start than today? My goal is to post daily for the next 30 days in hopes that it will become second nature. At times my posts may only be a "snippet" of progress, but a post none the less.

So, with that stated, I will be adding a new post later today starting the beginning of "Thirty Minutes A Day".

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rounding 3rd - FLS

Update on FLS OWL project for HPKCHC. Coming along on the sweater. Enough of garter stitch. I am about 6 rows from the last button hole ( BH) and close to starting the lace pattern. Let's just say, I need a lot of practice in knitting button holes.

My first BH attempt with You Tube in the background:

And the second:

Gift for a Friend

I warped my loom in AKA Sorority colors, pink and green, with the intent on making placemats for a friend in Texas. However, once the loom was warped and the weaving began, the yarn does not want to be placemats. I think it wants to be a runner of some kind. Before my "lashing" attempt:


Lashed warp with an appearance of "Gizmo" in the background:

I am using "I Love This Cotton" purchased from Hobby Lobby. This cotton has a very soft feel compared to PnC. I 'll report back, once the project is completed and washed.

Until next time........

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1-Cast On and Other Stuff

OWL FLS Progress Report

Cast on this afternoon. I completed to first 4 rows....and then, I snag!!! Yes, a snag so early in the game. 5th row, "k3, knit buttonhole, knit to the end". Well, you guessed it. I have never, I mean never knitted a buttonhole before. Don't get me wrong..I have "sewn" many buttonholes before. Knitting one, not so much. Well, after reviewing several videos, reading a couple of tutorials, and 2 hours later, success!!! Thank goodness that I plan to only knit 3 buttonholes!! I am now about 1/2 inch away from the next buttonhole. I sure hope this one doesn't take 2 hours.


Sad to say, my loom is empty and waiting for it's next warping. Have no fear, I received a box from UPS containing o 3/2 pearl cotton mini cones and one regular size natural color cone. I see a project on the horizon. A "set" of place mats???? Sound like a plan.


Traced out my applique letters for my "Texas Home" BOM. I will machine applique them tomorrow.


Does looking at my wheel with a half spun bobbin count? No, really? Well then, I guess I'll have to admit that no spinning has taken place since the loom arrive. Just to let you know, I will spin at a minimum of 2 days this week.

Until next time...........

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC)

Quietly entering this post. Let me let you in on a little secret. If you ever want to cure your startitis, this is the place to be! I joined this group October 2010 as a "Not Quite First Year" (NQFY) student. My intentions were to play along even though I was too late to officially be accepted at Hogwarts. Let me just say, that didn't happen. I did complete an item during that time but didn't log it in the thread. I just happen to make two hats that were sent to CoggieTM, of the High Fiber Podcast. I thought about taking pics, but it was too late!

Now my news: My OWL proposal that was submitted on 1/1/2011, was approved today. I will be casting on for a "February Lady Sweater" today.

This project has to be completed this term, Winter 2011, by March 31. I am determined to complete this project by the end of the term. You see, for every homework assignment we turn in, you receive points. You can even collect cards and badges.

You may ask, why would an older adult join in for such antics? I'll just say it loads of fun and after all, I am a Harry Potter Fan!

I will be blogging about my HP adventures as well as my other fabric and fibery goodness. Keep following!

Until next time..........