Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Big Move

WARNING: Wordy and Picture heavy!

What’s been happening with me since I last posted? Well let me tell you, a lot. If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you have already know some of what has happened.

Let me begin. I have made the big move! I now live in the peach state! I have been here now for a whopping 3 weeks. My youngest daughter helped me make the drive from VA. She was a big help. The drive took about 9 1/2 hours. Driving with 2 dogs is a new experience for me. Gizmo whined 75% of the drive down. He has been used to sitting and looking out the driver's side window. I know that's not a good thing to do!! So don't judge me. Jodi on the other hand, slept and looked out the back window. Not a peep out of him. For those who may have puppies, I will warn you, don't hold them while you drive. Start them out behind a doggie partition for your vehicle. Life will be a lot easier. Trust me. 

I spent 4 days sleeping on an air mattress before my furniture arrived. Let me just say, "backache". With the arrival of the furniture, comes boxes! I mean a lot of boxes! I am still going through boxes and probably will be for the next few months.
There are a lot of things in this state that I will have to get use to. Like, trash service and dry counties.

Since I have been here, my bank account was compromised!!! I felt so violated.  Somehow someone got my debit card number and made several purchases for more than $4500! Thanks to my bank, I have had that money placed back in my account. A warning for all who use online banking and make online purchases, check you account daily so you can catch any unauthorized purchases! 

The new home has given me a new sewing space. Each area of the room is dedicated to a particular function. I now have a cutting/ironing corner, machine quilting corner, sewing/embroidery corner and TV/library corner. Can I just say, I love my new space. In the backgound of my sewing area is the closet. The previous family converted it into an office space. My PC and printer are located there. As you can see, I still have some work to do, I am good with the overall arrangement.

Cutting/Ironing CornerQuilting Corner  Sewing/Embroidery Corner TV/Library Corner

My first stash enhancement at my new address!

New Home- 1st Stash Enhancement

My quilty endeavors at the moment. I am NuBees quilt block swap for the month of June. It''s a Flickr group consisting of hives and each hive has 5-6 people. You are required to make one 12.5" block for each member using their mosaic color scheme. I found the information through Pinterest Here are 4/5 blocks I have completed:

NuBees June 12 Swap

I am participating on two online "Craftsy" classes, Stupendous Stitches (background) and Art Quilting 101 (Free Form Flowers):

Stupendous Stitching Background Free Form Flowers

Here is a pic of some hand stitching. I still have some more embellishing to do.

Hand Stitching-Craftsy Class
Also, I have been following Leah Day's FMQ project. Here is a picture of my "Wholecloth" mini quilt

Marked Top (FriXion Pen) Quilting #1

Last but not least, my NY Beauty blocks. I am piecing the last block:

NYB Blocks 3/4

On my upcoming radar is Craftsy free BOM using Batiks and white BG (Kona/Moda),
I am not sure which I have. Also, I will be a part of the 8" String block swap through Swapbot (http://www.swap-bot.com/). The swap is being hosted by Katie (Quilted Magnolia) of Katie's Quilting Corner. The last day to sign up is June 30th. The blocks have to be mailed by the end of July.

I have been doing a little spinning using my "spindle" since I have been here. While the furry babies are running and chasing each other in the backyard, I take the opportunity to spin. They have settled in and thoroughly enjoying their new home. Gizmo is still fluffy and Jodi is now 11 lbs.

Spindle Spinning

Well, I think that's enough for now. Until next time.......