Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where To Start!

I have not pod-faded. I know it's been a long time! Last episode was November 2012. So, in this episode I talk about:
Katie and her sewing machine drama and her crayon quilt adventures. Can't wait to go back in time and color almost inside the lines. I have always been just a tad bit of a rebel. Who would have quessed?
Tanesha and her ability to pulling "Art Quilt I s" out of her @!#, I mean head. Such a wonderful ability to have. I have taken her up on her book suggestion to get started.
Vintage Singer sewing machine purchase pictures:

Miss Ginny
After some restorative work. Much brighter. You can see the wood grain now. Miss Ginny replaced the original machine. She looks happy in her new home. 

String Geese Pieces
This is what I am working on during Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cam......

Bentwood Case Stripped v1
Bentwood Case: top in restoration process

Bentwood Case Base
Bentwood Case: base in restoration process

EZ Street update: Plugging right along and continuing to take it easy traveling down easy street. 8/9 block B blocks complete. Now, to tackle 16 additional blocks. Lots and lots of little 3.5 in pieces. Will it ever get any easier? Just kidding. Piecing so many small pieces is a little out of my comfort zone. Will the quilt get done? YES; Will the piecing be perfect? NO; Will all the seams match? NO;  Will is be beautiful when done? YES. Yes, the end result is all that matters. So, why not enjoy the process in a non competitive way!!
Quilt Show:  01-02 February 2013, Orlando, FL; Central FL Fairgrounds. I hope some of you readers, listeners and followers can make it. I plan on being there on Friday. Let me know if you are going.
Savannah Modern Quilt Guild start up. A long awaited for start up. No news yet! I hope it doesn't fade before it starts. Traveling to Jacksonville, FL once a month would not be the best for me, not to mention miles on my vehicle.
Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cam: Easy Street, String Geese, upcoming mystery quilt in QM.
Until Next Time......

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Starts With A Bang!!!

Easy Street finale.  Remember from a previous post I eluded to "slow and steady", I'm not going to win this race! There are some who have already completed there entire top. Me, I have 2.5 of  nine "B" blocks complete. Can you say lots of intersections in Easy Street?  It's going to take me some time to complete the top. there is a lot of 3.5 inch blocks to put together.  Please tell me that block "A" goes together must faster than "B"! I will say, it was mystery journey. Here's a link to Bonnie's Post.

Block B & Corner Triangles

For those who follow on "Twitter" know that I have purchased a couple of vintage Singers. I would like to thank Bonnie Hunter for these purchases! Here is a pic of the first one.

1948 Singer 66
1948 Singer 66-16

Purchased another machine, mostly for the cabinet. The machine inside is a 1910 Singer 66. Well to look at it was scary, but hopeful. I am still trying to get the crud off of it. I have pretty much taken it apart. Just so ya know, the cabinet needs a lot of help as well. Two of the drawers are missing some of its detail. But it has good bones. Here is a pic of the cabinet.

Treadle Cabinet

The person I purchased the cabinet felt bad that the machine inside was such a mess, he threw in a machine for free!!! It is a 1956 Singer 99k, born on November 20. I was ecstatic. It needs a motor and a case. She is definitely a keeper. I named her after my Mom,  Annie B.  They share the same birthday. I wish she were still around to share the excitement.

Bonus Singer 1956 "99K" - front

I think that's enough for one post.  My stroll down Easy Street is still slow. Remember, baby steps.

Until next time....