Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Hello to all. I am still working on Easy Street Mystery being hosted by Bonnie Hunter. I have recently been obsessed with her Quiltcam session, vintage machines and scrappy patterns. I don't know what's happening to me. I am finishing up clue #3, ready to start #4, and #5 will be released tomorrow. Remember, slow and steady wins the race or NOT. Be sure to watch Quiltcam tonight @ 9:00 pm EST. It usually last about 2 hours. If you are like me, it's nice to have someone to sew with, even if it is virtually! It has a quilt retreat feel. is a pic of my progress!

Easy Street Clue #3

I have also put four "pillowcases" in the mail to support the Sandy Hook, CT tragedy. The post I got the information from was Bonnie Hunter's. You can read about it, here's the link: Here is a pic of what I sent.

Quilting Corner-Pillow Case Drive

An update on Lady G. I am still practicing my ruler work. Right now, I am just using straight edge rulers. I have also done some FMQ on my quilt using a design by Angela Walters. Here's a pic.

Ruler Work-10 Minute Block

That's what I am up to!

Until next time.......

Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving Slow on "Easy Street"

A quick update on my Easy Street progress. Well, as the title suggest, it's going slow. I wanted to post the bits that I have accomplished. First off,  my purple bucket is full of the colors I have chosen. My constant is "Kona Snow", my gray is a yellowish green batik. Here is my bucket:

Easy Street Colors

So, I have 80 4patches and an unknown amount of purple geese. I hope to have at least part one complete by Friday. If you want to shop from your stash, join Bonnie and her cast of characters on "Easy Street".

Easy Street Bits&Pieces

I have done a lot, but proud of what I have accomplished. As Bonnie says, "it's not a race". For those of you that have completed parts 1&2, rock on! Just a few more before I went to bed.

A Few More Pieces

BTW, if you are up for a treat, join Bonnie on her Quiltcam tomorrow night. Be sure to check her blog for the time!

Until next time...
AJ (TheQuiltingPot)