Friday, December 31, 2010

Twitter Party!!

Join me at the Twitter Party being hosted by "Stitchin Heaven"!!! Where: Twitter Chat, When: Tonight at 10:00 p.m. Use hash tag: #SHPARTY. I here there will be prizes!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Week in Weaving

Well, made the final plunge into the fiber world!! You can now add "weaving" to knitting, spinning, dying fiber and crocheting. I am now a true fiber-holic. I purchased and received my loom last week. I am a proud owner of a 25" Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom with the stand.


I have actually created woven items which are recognizable. Who knew that weaving would actually make me happy. Weaving on this loom is not like weaving "pot holders" in grade school. I will admit, I am looking forward to adventurous weaving escapades.Here are some pictures of what I have accomplished so far. Just remember, I am still learning-be gentle. A scarf:

Scarf Really Close Scarf Fringe Detail



My current WIP


I'll keep you posted about my fiber journey. Til next time........

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2011 Fiber Fanatic Frenzy

Just joined a 2011 spin-a-long group on Ravelry. The group name is "Sweater Spin 2011. I have several 10 oz bag of this Corriedale to spin. I purchased this fleece, 7 lbs. at MDS&W, May 2010. I sent the fleece out to Shari at Morro Fleece Works to be processed. I chose the pencil roving for processing. Once I get enough spun and plied, I will hand dye it. It will take all of 2011 to complete this process. As for what it will be; a pullover, vest, cardigan..I'll have to see.


This is a pic of one of the BOM's that I have signed up for through Stitchin Heaven during the 2011. The pattern is named "Texas Our Texas". It include some history about the state and a bonus cooking recipe. Although I am a Virginian, I own I home in Texas. This is where I will retire. Love the weather in Central Texas. Go figure, I think I will do hand applique for the applique blocks. BTW, my other BOM is a "Baltimore Album"!! Hmmm can't wait for that one to start.


Last, but not least. I will now be entering the world of weaving!! Yes, yet another craft. I ordered a 25" Schacht Flip Loom from the Woolery. It should arrive before Christmas. Pictures to follow. Just so happens, starting Christmas Eve, I will not have to return to work until 10 you see where I am going with this????

February Ladies Sweater

OH! Almost forgot!! I am also participating in the February Ladies weater KAL hosted by "The Knit Wits" podcast.

Check back often to check my progress of my 2011 Frenzy!! Do you think this is a bit much for one year??????? Let the insanity begin.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Add Borders & Quilt!

Disappearing 9-patch progress report. I have pieced all of the blocks and placed it on my design wall. Now, I have to decide what type of borders it wants. Hmmm, will have to let this one marinate for awhile. Here's the pic of the quilt.


Gizmo, my assistant!!!


Moving on, I have been seeing a lot of references related to "Mug Rugs". I have to admit, I had not heard of them before, so I researched. What a cute little quilt. It's fast and practical!!! Let me introduce you to my first "Mug Rug".


Does this border work??


Last but not least, my last minute knitting gift, a scarf, for my daughter is coming along. I am using size 8 needles, and a pattern with a drop stitch. This should be a very quick knit. I started it yesterday. Here is my progress:

NOT Fishnet Scarf

Til next time.....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Status Report

It's been a dreary, rainy Sunday here in Northern VA. Taking time out to do a short post on the progress of my Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt. I hope I can piece the top, add borders by the next FNSI on December 17! My plan is to quilt the top at that time. It's an achievable goal since I am off from work the next 2 days!!! Here's a couple of pics:

Disappearing 9-patch Beginnings

9-Patch Design Wall

On the knitting front, as a last minute gift, I decided to knit a scarf for my daughter. With that said, I had just placed my quilt blocks on the design wall to get an idea of what the top was like. I then decided to get out the hank of Creatively Dye yarn that I had purchased. I saw this colorway and new it was for here. Her favorite colors are red, black and grey. This yarn was perfect
for her!

Nikki Fish Net Scarf

The pattern, Fish Net Scarf, was designed by a knitting guild member named Toni Lopi. I hope it is a quick knit! I have 12 days to "git her done".

Leaving you with a cute holiday pic:

Cute Holiday Trio

Til next time.........

Saturday, December 11, 2010

FNSI Projects

Update on the quilting I worked on during the Friday Night Sew In. I had a small, basket quilt I made and quilted a few months ago. The quilting was an attempt to practice my free motion quilting. For the sew in, I made and applied bias binding and completed the quilt.

Basket Top


I had some muslin and 30's fabric in my stash. I made "bow-tie" blocks. I still have a few more to go. I would like to have a total of 9 blocks.


Finally, I cut 5" squares and used some 5" charm squares, chain pieced rows in hopes to make a disappearing 9-patch for the holidays. I hope to complete it during the next FNSI, 17 December.


I pretty much pulled an all-nighter. Lucky I still have 3 more day off from work!

Friday, December 10, 2010

4 Days of Fabric and Fiber!!!!!!!

It's Friday, 4:30 p.m., the official start of my glorious 4 day weekend! My plans....quilting a Christmas wall hanging, spinning Corriedale and working on the body of my cardigan. Right now, I am having a nice cup of coffee,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Name!

I decided to rename my blog and url. With my upcoming endeavors for the new year, the name needed a change!! I think the name is very fitting for me, don't you think? The posts will still be all about fiber, fabric, friends, family and sometimesjust plian babbling.

If you haven't noticed, please check out the new donation button for "Seamed Up" in the left column. If you are a quilter, follow the blog and consider a donation... Just sayin'.

Stay tuned and see what I will be up to when the new year begins...............

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sew In

Quick post about the "Friday Night Sew In" hosted by Handmade by Heidi. Click on the FNS button on the left for the link.....