Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 2 -TMAD

Back to work tomorrow. :-( This will reaaalllly cut into my crafting time. Well, I am employed and that a good thing. It supports my fabric, fiber and toys that go with it. Well a quick update:

Weaving: another 6" woven plus a start of pattern repeat
Knitting: OWL project-started the first row of the lace pattern, when complete it's time to separate for the sleeves
Spinning: spun for 40 minutes. Had to finish the portion I separated
Quilting: Texas BOM-1st of 2 panels together. I will be using pearl cotton #8 to do the buttonhole stitch.

Have to get ready for a 0230 wake up! The gym calls me at 0430, MWF.

Until next time.......

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