Monday, November 14, 2011

Really, How Many is Too Many?

Like many others, I am sure, I tend to accumulate a lot of projects of all types. These are just a few. I know if I dug deeper, I would find more! Below is a list of what I talked about in my podcast, "The Quilting Pot", episode #6. I hope the links work! Just copy and paste the URL.

My current projects:

*Stretch Star-piecing in progress. I am using "chunking" technique for the piecing the ten 4 1/2" x twelve 4 1/2" squares. I started out connecting in twosies, then foursies, and so on. I have completed the first four rows.

*Hexes and O's-completed top
*Arabesque-completed top
*Twist small WH- need Binding
*Modern Log Cabin-need binding
*Piano in the Park-need binding
*Not Quite 10 Minute Block
*Snowman Applique WH-completed top
*Knitted Jazzy Scarf-50%

What's Growing in November 2011:

*Christmas Ladder-Sushi Roll/White background w/stars
*Thermis Neck Warmer-CO 11/12(HPKCHC)
I am using luscious Malabrigo Worsted for this project. I am calling it DeJavu in honor of it's color.

DeJavu Thermis

*Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown -

Starting December 1st:

*Baltimore Christmas WH-starting Dec. 1st (12 mos. of Baltimore) I will hopfully update on my progress the last weekend of the month. My plan is to complete, as it is called, "a block a month".

Finish of the Week:

Don't Chain Me InApplique DetailBack-Irish ChainDbl Irish Chain Detail

Completed this wall hanging on SAT, 11/12. I hope you can see some of my FMQ. Before I started on the project, I started practicing on a place mat that didn't quite make it. I had very few problems practicing on the place mat. However, when I put the quilt under the needle, I started to get skipped stitches and a broken needles. I guess my hands are moving too fast for the

I recently purchased a "SewEzi" table to set up my Brother PQ1500 so that I can practice my FMQ. I won't have to change settings to practice. It will be always at the ready for Journal Tales.

BTW, if you have every thought about podcasting give "School of Podcasting" by David Jackson a listen. He has some great tips.

Until next time..........


  1. I have about three times of UFOs I am trying to work through. Way to many UFOs... some I am abandoning to the charity quilters... they can fix them up and use them... the fabric is good, the pattern decent... they have potential but not for me. Some of the ufo-s are ones I am slowly finishing but they have to go on a list of priority finishes. I am trying to be more realist on what I can actually get done while still working.

    Loving the podcast .... keep it up.

  2. I too have a big UFO and WIP pile due to my self-professed Crafter's ADD. I alternate between not caring about it at all, to despairing of ever finishing ANYTHING at all, lol. I figure as long as I'm doing something that makes me happy, who cares?

  3. I have to agree w/ Tanesha here. Finishes are great, but progress is good too no matter what 'squirrel' you find along the way.

    AJ I just have to tell you, that you were a big part of me & my returning back from my first flight trip last week. I was able to hear your voice for this podcast in particular while waiting for the flight to board. Thanks for keeping me company!

    - Darla