Monday, December 26, 2011

BDSI-Give Away Photos

Here are pics of the giveaway items:

Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn
For the Knitters

Quilt in a Jar
For the Quilters

To enter:
*follow my blog
*leave a comment
*begin you comment with knitting and/or quilting for the give away item you are interested
*post a knitting, quilting, or FMQ tip

Winners will be announced "New Year's Eve"!

Having trouble with ITunes! Here's a link to the podcast feed:


  1. either item, LOL

    Happy Boxing Day AJ; I already follow your blog; I enjoy your podcast; my tip: KNITTING - rewind the purchased "center pull" balls into real center pull balls that will not tangle (well tangle FAR LESS) than the ones that were purchased. A tip from a long-time knitter who has had too many to mention so-called center pull skeins turn into "yarn vomit"


    try plain clear vinyl used for making table cloth. USE instead of sliders... works as good but cheaper... get the size you need to cover your area...

    I will send you the link for a Alaskan Quilter who does an economy set up for FMQ when I have the time... but she uses the vinyl instead of super slider and she says it looks fine. I have tried it in the past and it works good... Mine is the size of my table so the quilt slide well...some times too good... RIGHT OFF THE TABLE...

    I have this set up at the cabin up north cause I often go up there and I get to quilt, quilt, quilt....


  3. Knitting - Oh I hope you have had a good boxing day. I have only been knitting for a little while so not sure if this is really a good tip but I have found that I get much better results and less tangles if I wind the yarn into balls not just from hanks but from the bought balls. Thanks for a great blog - look forward to following you into 2012.

  4. Quilting (and i knit too, sometimes!) I follow your blog. Oh I'm too new to think of any good tips...

  5. Quilting
    Hi AJ. Just finished listening to your latest podcast. I'm doing the free motion challenge as well - I need something to force me to practice!
    I've been a follower of your blog for awhile now. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  6. Oops - forgot to leave a tip. My tip is: when chain piecing, don't quit watching near the end of one piece, as you go to pick up the next piece. Stitch right to the end, stop, then pick up the next set and start sewing it. Your piecing will be much more accurate.

  7. Hi AJ, my knitting tip is when doing lace knitting to use yellow highlighter tape to highlight the row below the one you're knitting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Greetings, Cyber challenged me left you a message on Pod Bean, thinking that was your blog. Sorry.
    You are very generous to have such a nice give away but I need to be doing the giving not the getting. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your pod cast and love your voice tone. Thanks for all you do. Shelly Beth

  9. Opps forgot the add depth and texture when you are thread painting...put two threads in your needle. It is usually not necessary to thread your machine any differently than u usually do.
    Can you please post the info on the free motion challenge. I love to learn new things and really enjoy free motion quilting. Thanks shelly beth

  10. quilting. FMQ tip: Drink wine; then you won't whine when you make a booboo. It makes you more relaxed. Tami in Denver

  11. Quilting. I follow your blog and listen to your podcast. I want to learn to improve my free motion so will be doing the challenge also.My tip was Nonnies...use clear vinly bought in fabric section Walmart....staple gunned it to my big quilting surface so it is permanent. Works well. Also I followed a tip on Leah Day's site about modifying your darning free motion foot..i did that and it sews much better not as much hopping. Go to her site for instructions. Next will order the bobbin genies. Cindy