Friday, December 23, 2011

Join The Fun!!

Join the fun! Just completed a top inspired by "Jelly Roll Race" quilt. I started it this morning. Will have to say, it went together pretty quickly. If you need a quick project, this is it. This is what I started with.

(Get Ready) Night at the Races

This is the completed top. Ready for batting, backing and binding.

Night At the Races

I call it "Midnight at the Races". Stay tuned!!!!!


  1. Martha, Thanks for the comment.....Have thing calmed down a little in your neck of the woods? An answer to an earlier question you asked....yes I will "weave" again. Congrads on the IPad gift. I love mine.


  2. Love it! It may be fast but it looks really good. Love your colors.

  3. Yes, AJ, things have settled down here. Hubster took some time off so we are taking it easy this week. Glad you will continue weaving. Just listened to a few of you podcasts on my new IPad and enjoyed them very much. :-)
    Have a wonderful New Year.

  4. OHOHHH AHHHHHHH I love the colors. I made one in moda cardinal line and am quilting it this week.
    FUN. I wish I could find such beautifuf UFO. Mine are in a problem area and sit until I get in the right frame of mind to fix them.