Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Purpose of 3

I had a good week. My "SewEzi" table was delivered on Wednesday. I purchased 2 plexiglass inserts. It was easy to assemble. This will be the home of my Brother Nouvelle 1500. Unless I need to use it for travel. Here is a pic with the machine in place.

Brother Set Up

So now that the Brother has a home, it completes my quilting needs. One machine for piecing/embroidering, one for sewing binding/travel/as a backup and one for FMQ'ing.
"The Purpose of 3"

I have tried a new technique, new to me anyway, of spray basting a quilt. The technique is by Patsy Thompson and it is called "wall basting". If you own your home and plan to live there for awhile, here use of ceiling tiles is the way to go.If not, you can do what I did as a renter. I used push pins, in-expensive flannel backed table cloth, and can of 505 for basting. Here's a pic of my wall.

Wall Basting #3

I saw the video on You Tube. Here's the link of the video:

Join me in the FMQ Project 2012, hosted by SewCalgal. There will be a different FMQ tutorial each month, presented by different host. If you complete the assignment each month, you will be entered into a drawing. Go over to her site. You can find it here:

I continually increase my stash, whether it is fabric, quilting tools or yarn. I think I need to join Katie in here diet commitment. I scored a Stack N Stitch Thread Tower at JoAnn's, buttons for my neck warmer and a 6x12 cutting mat for my AccuQuilt Go. I receive promotions, not only by snail mail, but email as well. This particular promotion has several coupons. One of which was a 60% off coupon in addition to $ amounts off. I used my coupon plus an additional $10 off. I saved over $30 bucks. Just could let that 60% off go to waste! Here's pic of the neck warmer and thread tower:

Stitch N Stack Thread Holder Thead Tower
"Pardon" the thread snippets on the carpet, right side of the packaging, Works are in Progress!!!

I completed my DeJavu Neck Warmer, made from luscious Malabrigo worsted weight yarn. I can't believe it only took me a week to do! Now my daughter wants me to make her one. Her color choices are black's, grey's and white. I don't know why that child likes those dark colors! 90% of her wardrobe is black, grey, white and occasionally a pop of red. So, I purchased yarn to make her a Thermis Neck Warmer. I will admit, her yarn choice can be machine washed and dried! I don't need her to felt yarn that is a little more costly than big box store yarns. I also completed my "Twist" table topper/wall hanging-still have to add a label, if nothing other than quilt name, my name and a date.

DeJavu Thermis Neck Warmer
Table topper:

That brings me to what I am working on now. Three knitting projects, Nikki's neck warmer, the Weekend Shawl and the 10 stitch circular blanket. Yes, I said circular! After 3 tries at the rectangular version, I decided the circular one was easier.

Last but not least, I have quilted my Mug Rugs for the swap. Now just need to ad a little binding. I hope to get them out before I head out of town this week. Pics to come soon.

Until next time...........


  1. Oh my I love that table - I think I could use one of those. What I use now is so uncomfortable. Thanks for mentioning it and good luck with those projects

  2. Hmm, I like that table because it has the plexi inserts. I have a similar table, but the spaces between my machine and the table cause problems - my fabric gets hung up in the spaces.
    Nice job on the purchases from Joanns - I love to coupon shop there! Love the neck warmer.
    I also like your idea of the separate machines for separate uses. I have 2 machines and I should set the second one up so I don't have to keep changing the feet on my one machine from straight sewing to the fmq. Only problem is, I don't have any more room - looms take up too much space! LoL
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Great idea to use 2 machines for different things. I wish I had the space to keep them set up. I end up setting up in the dining room if I am machine quilting and need a big table. I love your new gadgets! I think all quilters love new gadgets! Sounds like you get a lot done. I'm trying but always seem to run out of time!! Have a nice Thanksgiving!!

  4. Blessing for your sister to soon dance a jig!
    Thanks for the info on the sew ezi table. I was wondering if you had also considered the Gidget II?
    I so look forward to your podcasts! I felt a connection!
    Could it be I am a retired RN you think lol ??
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Mary Ellen from Va