Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hit The Jackpot!

WARNING! Photo Heavy!

I hit the "Jackpot"!!! The fabric and UFO Jackpot that is. I am in the process of organizing my upstairs quilting space. It's the smallest of the 3 bedrooms. While I was digging out the closet and looking in covered bins, I found things that I had forgotten I had! I have not idea when it was purchsed. A 1 year ago, maybe 2 or 3 years ago, I am not sure. What I am sure of is...."I bought it". Here are some pics of my finds:

1930's BOM 30's BOM
1930's BOM that I completed, almost.

30's Block Swap Quilted 30's Block SwapOnline 30's Block Swap

Red&Green Applique Red & Green Applique
Red &Green Applique-already pin basted and ready for quilting!

TX Blue Bonnets in Purple
TX Blue Bonnets in Purple. This is some of my earlier applique and piecing.

Chicken Quilt Top
This was during my chicken phase!!! Forgot about this one....

My new FAVE is the Simplicity Side Winder! I love this little thing. It winds bobbins very fast. I have a tendency to wind my bobbins while the machine is still thread, needle and all. I know that can't be good for the machine, but it happens. Needless to say, I have broken a few needles winding bobbins this way. I think I have found a fix for my lack of patience. Here is a pic:

Side Winder by Simplicity

My very timely find was this mini Snowman Quilt w/beading. This was another 1st for me.
Snowman Mini Quilt Snowman Mini Quilt (close up)

My instant gratification project, the Fabric Bowl!
Fabric Bowl

Sushi @ Christmas top is complete!

Sushi @ Christmas

Here is a quick pic of the craft room WIP:
Craft Room-WIP

I think I'll stop now with the finds. I have several more to talk about, but I shall save some for another time.

TQP#10 is recorded and available on ITunes.

Until next time...........


  1. My goodness!! You did hit the jackpot.
    I wanted to tell you that I looked up the SewEZ tables after listening to one of your 'casts & fell in love. Guess what I got for Christmas?

    Now I want to ask you about that bobbin winder - does it get the bobbins nice & even? I have trouble on my machine getting them that way.

  2. You had some great projects hidden away! They look almost done! You're going to have a great 2012! I supposed we all need to clean up our sewing areas. I have a hard time finding things after I clean. It keeps me from cleaning more often!

  3. I do that too - start to clean, and find all these great goodies!
    I got an Ipad2 for Christmas. Now I just have to figure out how to find your podcasts on it, when I'm away from home, and I can watch them! :-)
    I LOVE that snowman mini quilt. REALLY love it! I'd love to make one - do you know where you found the pattern?

    Are you gonna start weaving again? I'm still weaving, and I love it. I am going to sell my big loom and get another small Wolf - either another Baby, or the Pup. Haven't decided yet. Gotta sell the monster first. lol

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Love the snow on the blog--especially since I have NONE outside my window. Pooh. Great finds! The snowman is very cute. Are you planning on finishing the others now?

  5. I like the TX blue bonnets and the fabric bowl. Thanks for sharing and the for the podcast! Tami in Denver