Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ooops, I Forgot to Mention!

I forgot to mention my Baltimore Christmas BOM. I started receiving the packets in January of this year. After Seeing Pam's, ( of Hip To Be A Square Podcast), Halloween Quilt I am inspired to get this BOM started. Of course it will be for Christmas 2012. I too will use fusible, Misty fuse to be exact. I have only one problem. I am missing the fabric packs for February and March. If I can't find them by the time I finish the other 10 blocks, I'll have to have fabric substitutes. Who I am kidding, I won't need those two for a very long time. Here is a pic of the quilt:

Baltimore Christmas BOM

Until next time...........


  1. That's a stunning quilt pattern, AJ. Good luck with it. Please post photos as you proceed with the BOMs.

  2. Hi AJ... thank you for your podcasts! your voice is soothing and I'm enjoying listening. Just a couple comments... I LOVE your appliqued snowmen quilt, it's beautiful. And your Piano in the Park quilt is so pretty too. Very nice back! I crochet, not knit, and noticed your little owl, how cute is that?! You do great work. I'm always willing to add another voice inside my head, glad it's yours!

    Gloria from CA