Saturday, August 28, 2010

Inside My "I Want To" List...

Do you ever wake up with a list of things you want to do already crowding your mind? Well, that would be me this morning around 4 a.m. Really, I am not kidding! There is not enough time in one day to accomplish what is swirling around up there. Here is just a sampling of what went on in my head this morning. I Want To:
-Go to my local quilt shop
-Do yard work
-Spin for my shawl border (crochet), which additionally requires plying, setting twist.
-Finish my shawl
-Quilt a small finished quilt top
-Start a new quilt top using the disappearing 9 patch block
-CO for a new pair of "toe up" socks
-Toying with the idea of podcasting..
Now, that is just a sampling of my want for today. I still have more!!! Can anyone tell me why and how I will find the time to do all of this today? Anyway, enough ranting. Oh, BTW, add cleaning at least one level of my house.

No project pics this week, however, I do have pics of what I use to produce my "artist renderings" of fiber and fabric! You have already met "Lil Gem".

As I wrote, I am a half row from binding off my shawl. I will just have the crochet border to complete. That will go really fast! I crochet a lot faster than I knit. Then, the hunt for a quick, mindless toe up sock pattern.

Knit Picks Needles/Hooks

Spinning my multicolor dyed corriedale fiber for the crochet border. That's about the extent of my spinning for this week.

Listening to Episode 5 of "The Off-Kilter Quilt". I just discovered the podcast and enjoying it very much. Frances has a very calm, pleasant voice.

As for my quilting, I will at the minimum get my little quilt sandwiched for quilting. I WILL start my disappearing 9 patch quilt. I hope to make it lap size. Cold weather will be here before you know it.

Viking DSE
Well, until next week..bye.

Oh, yeah!!! BTW, this is 3 weeks in a row!!! Jus Sayin'. Yay for me.

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