Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Progress

It's Labor Day weekend, time to chat about my progress or lack there of. Well not too much is going on. Oh yeah, I did buy myself a new laptop, MacBook Pro! I feel a ever so slight potential start of a new podcast. Hmmm, thinking hard about it. Once I get comfortable with my new toy. You see, I have been a "PC" girl the entire time. I also have to admit there is a little learning curve. Back to topic, I have been on leave for the past week and here's what I have accomplished.

Knitting/Spinning: My Lazy Daisy Mosswood shawl is 90% complete using my handspun. The pattern, Lazy Daisy Shawlette by OrangeFlowerThe finishing calls for a crochet border. I am in the process of spinning for "said" border. Just a little bit more on bobbin #2, then I can ply. Hopefully I will finish my shawl this week. Also on the needles-"Cornrow Socks" by Preita Salyer, a cuff down pattern.


I machine quilted my small basket quilt. My attempt at "free motion" quilting needs a lotta of practice, however, for me-it's not too bad. I will say, I wouldn't give it to anyone as a gift. I'll keep practicing my free motion quilting! Practice = improvement. On my design wall are blocks, that I have arranged for the "Spiral Stripes" quilt from the book, Jelly Roll Quilts. I'll take a second look, after a good nights sleep, to be sure that I like the arrangement of the blocks.

So until next week, for me, it's Just Fiber and Quilts.

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  1. The nice thing about gifts, though, is people have to like it! I'll be looking forward to seeing pics of the Spiral Stripes quilt. I either own that book or have looked at it enough time in quilt shops that now I'm imagining it living on my shelves. In either case, I'll be interested in seeing a finished product from it. (Sandy H of "Quilting...for the Rest of Us")