Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rainy Day=Progress

Today, my inspiration is brought to you by a lazy rainy Sunday morning.

On the knitting front:
I decided to update my Ravelry notebook with some recent photos of what I have been working on. I have completed by "Slip Stitch Delight" socks by Terry L. Ross. I do wish I had the ball band for the yarn. I have no idea what yarn it is. I thought is was Socks That Rock light weight. One of my group members told me it wasn't spun tight enough for that yarn. So back in the land of unknown I went. I do like how they turned out!Must admit, I am still slow at knitting socks! Pic of completed socks:

Mystery  SS Delights

I spun 8 oz of Ms Babs merino/tussah silk/bamboo blend fiber. My initial attempt at plying was very, very loosely plied. I purchased "The Gently Art of Plying" by Judith MacKenzie, after watching, discovered I could reply my fiber. I have to admit, that didn't occur to me! Dah! I don't own a bobbin winder, so I used my trusty B&D drill. It worked like a charm I had 2 bobbins of spun singles I decided to ply together. They are two different colorways, I don't remember where I purchased them from, but I do know they are 100% wool. I REALLY have to work on my documentation! Here are some pics of my process and most recently completed yarn:

Ms Babs "Mosswood" Braid #2

TDF Road #2

Loosely Plied 100_0838

100_0839 100_0850

I have been a quilter since the late 80's and had not quilted since I started knitting in February 2009. Recently I was bitten by the quilt bug again after listening to a knitting podcaster who also sews and quilts. Soooo, I went to my messy craft room, dug through my "UFO's, pulled out some unfinished tops, found completed blocks that had not been put together and started sewing.

Here are some pics of my finished projects before knitting/spinning took over my life:
Piecing_ Hand Applique

Non-Traditional Lone Star

Here are some of my UFO's:

1930's Irish Chain Patriotic Fused Applique


An antique quilt and from my Designer SE (Viking) machine astitched embroidery design:
Antique Double Wedding Ring Scrub Nurse Embroidery (Lora Leigh Designs)

Enough rants for today. I have to now divide my time between three of my favorite creative outlets!!!

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  1. Everything looks lovely!! What do you mean by replying? I really want to see that it a good one?