Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Refreshed and Motivated!


Celtic Solstice is about 50% quilted and remains on the frame. I decided to quilt an all over design. It was becoming to time consuming figuring out what I wanted to quilt. Just to clarify, the quilt "does not speak" to you.

A snap shot of the Virginia Longarm Network (VLN) - Birds of a Feather 2014 weekend:
The Event Logo

A few pictures and brief descriptions! Bottom line, I had a great time this past weekend leaned lot and, met a host of talented people who enjoy quilting for others. 300 longarmers and wannabe's in one place and much fun was had by all.

The venue was excellent. It was held at the Founders Inn and Spa in Va Beach, VA. After talking with my sister, she informed me that they had a butt-kicking Sunday Brunch! Can't be too shabby if "MY" sister gave it praise. If you knew my sister, you would understand. If you are ever in the area, consider making you hotel plans there. A great place, great service and a good feel.!

My weekend was full of classes!

I had classes that focused ruler work taught by Karen Seivert and a little on whole cloth quilt design process. From what I was told, she has blue ribbon quilts in Houston and Road to California. Here is a picture of one of her pieces. You can find more about Karen here at The Nifty Needle.

Karen Seivert Design

The longarm "make it/take it" project was fun. The bag parts was stitched out for immediate play time. Not much talk time during that class. My FMQ ability, or lack there of, was obvious on that black tote bag. Our handout consisted of the directions to complete your tote. 

Another fun session was on how to keep and attract customers taught by Marie Tallman. I received great handouts during her class. The information received can be used when I get ready to start my own  business. Her website, Pinewater Quilting Company can be found here. She also has an Etsy and an Ebay store. 

Even though I have this blog, I enjoyed "Bloggin for Business" taught by Angela Walters!  In this class, there were a few blogging tips that I had not been exposed to and appreciated the information that was shared. Glad that I signed up for that one.

Angela Walters by her Quilt

I took, I think, a total of seven classes and enjoyed all of them. Plans for next year has alreadey started. It seems as if it will be the same time next year. If so, I will definitely be there.

Additions to my stash:

I met new friend, Dana. We sorta bonded while waiting to get off the plane in Norfolk. She is a military wife and a quilt shop owner! Who knew. Her shop is in Thomaston, GA. Here is a link to her shop here, Southern Stitches Quilt Shop.

Until next time......

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  1. Hey AJ. My thoughts on GoodReads... Audio Books definitely DO count. My son uses audio books from Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. I'd certainly hate to think his reading doesn't count. As an additional note, there are some books that I truly believe are enhanced by the audio talent. Harry Potter read by Jim Dale comes to mind. While I enjoyed the print version of the books greatly, reading them a second time as audio books gave me a different, and in my opinion better, experience. So read your books in whatever format you choose and count all of them.

    Great podcast. I loved hearing about your thoughts on long arming as a profession. I am way too selfish to give up my crafty time to others but, perhaps if/when I retire, I might think differently. I worry that a job for money would no longer feel as "fun", but that's just me.