Saturday, February 1, 2014

ISO (In Search Of)


A lot of "CRS" going on in the episode. Remember, you were warned!

In this episode I talk about:

My applique pins were missing in action. The lead me to "the search" and "rescue" of forgotten treasures. You see, my unorganized craft room yield a multitude of potential finds. It also yield to slowing down my momentum when I get a project in mind. Hmmm, potential finds vs. momentum, which is better. This could be a toss up! Well, my missing pins led to a new purchase. Now that they have arrived, I will more than likely find the others. It's that how it always works?

Do you see the holes created the hole punch? This is how I use my applique pins when doing EPP:

Jenny Doan's evilness, not really. The DP is not a hard block, however, working with bias is always challenging. If you did this top cutting for the individual pieces, it would be easier, IMHO. It may take a little longer, but, no bias to deal with!

Take a look a the pic below! You see? Do you see what I did!!!! I did not have another 10" square to replace the blue! I did not want to start another block, too many steps to get to this point. Sooooo, I did the next best thing...repaired it! Be forewarned, pay close attention to surrounding fabric when trimming dog ears!


Good as new, almost. (I used another block to fix the white triangle)
Who out there remembers the video game "QBert"? It was one of my favorite video games to play back in the day! Do you remember the sound he made when he went over the side? Silly me! I tried to duplicate the sound in the podcast. Please forgive me. I hope it made you chuckle. You have to admit, the blocks 3D effect reminds you of Qbert. This was the baby quilt I started when my daughter first got married. It was in hopes that she would give me my first grandchild. I guess that was not meant to be. Now, I do three grandchildren and love them dearly. They just happen to come into my life at various ages. I should just finish this and either frame it, make a small wall hanging or donate it as a baby quilt. What do you think?

Until next time.....

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