Saturday, February 15, 2014

On the Radar

Belated Happy Valentine's!!!

Full Moon effects results "crazyness" in the medical field sometimes. IMHO

"Beatle Bag"
  -Abbylane Quilts

  -Designer grants permission to sell for profit! Note: finished products not pattern!

                                         My first attempt. 8-/
What it should look like!

On the Radar
  -Process person
  -Sewmammasew (Kennedy Bag)
  -Sew Sweetness (Aeroplane Bag)
  -Pam (HTBAS Podcast)

AJ Update
  -My youngest is coming
  -My boys missed me!

 -CS Update: 
  A third of the way quilted. I plan to complete quilting the top this weekend and start on the charity quilt below.
 -Charity quilt top (VLN)

Jamie Wallen (correction-not Walden)
  -Raising my LongArm table  
  -YouTube video

President's Day (#PDSI)
  I am making mine #PDSI weekend, because that's how I roll.

Additions to my assorted stash

Until next time............

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