Friday, October 7, 2011

WIP and Stash Building!!!!!

Just a quick update of what I am currently working on. Braided table runner/topper using "Jovial" fabric line by Moda.

Braided Table Runner

Mailbox surprise! A package from MSQ Co. was in my mailbox today. I am not sure what day it came. This was my first trip to the mailbox this week. Anyway, I ordered the "deal of the day" that showcased Jenny Beyer fabric line. It was call twice the charm by MSQ..btw, the fabric line is called "Coraline".


Coraline-top view

HPKCHC home work....Working on a "Swifter" cover. No more disposable pads, environmentally friendly.

Swifter Cover

A 3 day turnaround for my long-armer to complete my quilt. How exciting is that? My quilt was quilted at "Aurora Quilt", will pick it up tomorrow and take photos.

Sock Snowman! I made it myself. Does it make you smile too?

Sock Snowman

Until next time...may all your seams be straight......................

Shhhhh, btw I have a podcast! Episode one is posted. You can listen at or search for me on ITunes. Please be nice!

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  1. Hi! I'm so thrilled to hear you're podcasting! I've listened to the first 3, and loved them. Great job! Can't wait to hear more. I wanted to mention, I prefer basting with large safety pins, or even handbasting if I'm having trouble with a particular quilt top. I use spray baste sometimes for smaller things, but lately I'm making larger quilts and I can never get it flat and straight.. for queen size and bigger, I definitely have to baste the old fashioned way, with needle and thread.. (cheapest too)

    I also LOVE Harry Potter!

    daisy of Lazy Daisy Quilts Podcast