Saturday, October 15, 2011

IPhone 4S & Quilting

Happy Dance!! The "big brown truck" visited my house yesterday!! Guess what I got? Did I give it away in the title? Yep, I now have an IPhone 4S. I have been waiting a long, long time for Sprint to get the IPhone. That time finally arrived. It took awhile to transfer all of my information by hand. I wanted to go have it done, but I didn't want to deal with the crowds at the Sprint Store. I love "Siri". It's nice to have the voice command technology at this level. Well enough about new fangled gadgets and on to quilty and crafty goodness.


My Christmas table runner has made progress. Borders are on. All that left is a batting, backing. I hope to have this completed by the end of October.

Xmas Table Runner

Snowman wall hanging top that has be completed at least for 2 years. I still have some embellishing to do. BTW, I have a backing for it as well. My debate with this one is the quilting. Will it be me or the longarmer? If I do it, I may be finished by Christmas 2012! I am seriously considering having it quilted.

Snowman Wallhanging

A close up of one of the appliqued snowmen.

Snowman Detail

I have enhanced by my fabric stash with fabrics for my "Ozark" table topper, 1/2 yd cuts. I think I will call it, "When New Meets Old". I also picked up a charm pack of "Bittersweat" by Moda, 2 yds of gray Bella solid, 2 owl patterns (Etsy coming soon) and some Aurifil thread.

Ozark Table Topper

My owls and HPKCHC homework progress.

Eyeless Owls

Swifter Sock-HPKCHC

Until next time......

PS Podcast #2 is out, stop by and have a listen. here's the link:


  1. AJ - I LOVE the snowman quilt. It's really sweet! I can understand after all that work, why you are wondering whether to send it out, or do it yourself. Can't wait to see it finished!


    You might want to join SEAMED UP as they are trying to make a site like RAVELRY for quilters.

    Loved the pictures of your work... You do good work.

    Pin basting... I use SHARON SCHAMBERS method of herring bone stitching. I take the thread out in the area I am FMQ actually sewing ... do my motifs and then go to a new section.

    I have a huge collection of QUILTING DVDs... they keep me company, and I like learning new stuff from them.

    I learned to FMQ using Patsy Thompson, Sue Nickles, Ricky Tims DVDs.... I think I am getting better at FMQ... but it is a steep learning curve... mostly training muscles.

    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams - Blog
    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams- Podcast


  3. FYI.... it took me 10 episodes before I got commentors.... so do not worry about it too much.

    Part of the problems is most listeners download to an i-pod so they can listen as they do other things and do not get back to the blogs to post comments.

    Many of the servers have recently gone through security upgrades so it is harder to post comments compared to what is was a couple of years ago.

    I personally download directly from the hosting site... in your case POD BEAN as I hate i- Tunes.

    You might have to post some links to your site on the comments you post ... consider it a CALLING CARD ... that will help you connect with people.

    I have been posting your info on what ever forums I belong to.. that will bring some listeners to you...

    Your podcast is great and I love your voice... very ALTO and soothing...


  4. Listening to your podcast at work! I laughed when I heard your comment about me helping you spend your money - happy to oblige!

    For basting it kind of depends on the size of the project. I tried spray basting but it makes the fabric sort of "wavy" and it doesn't lay flat so I don't use it that much unless it is a really small project.

    If I'm doing lap quilts at home I do Sharon Schamber's method of using the trim boards but I use pins instead of thread. I haven't tried the thread method yet but want to one day. If putting the pins on hurts your fingers get a Quik Klip - one of those wooden tools that helps to close the pins. It really works well... I resisted buying one for over a year and then bought one for a friend when I was showing her how to pin baste. I wanted to take it home! Now I've gotta hunt one down for myself.

    For really large quilts I just rent a longarm since I detest pin basting. I'd rather load a quilt on a frame than pin baste. Isn't that awful?

    Keep up the good work podcasting! - Katie

  5. AJ: just had a chance to listen to your intro and #1 episodes: congratulations and great job! Your work is beautiful, and I am so glad to have another quilting podcast to enjoy. Keep up the great work, I'll download your next episode soon.
    Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom blog and podcast)

  6. AJ--I'm loving the podcast! Keep it coming! I'm a pin baster, so I won't be any help to you. I think my mom is a spray baster, but I'll double-check or get her to comment.

    Really enjoy listening to you!


  7. I am enjoying listening to your podcasts! And I absolutely love your snowman quilt!

    I, too, got my iPhone 4s as my first iPhone and I love it! I love the way Photostream moves the pictures I have taken to my Mac and my iPad. (Yes, I'm a totally Apple girl too!) I'm glad to hear you using Garageband for your podcast, because I have often wondered why more people don't! (Have you tried blogging with the Blogger app on your iPhone? I actually used the voice recording and it came out pretty well. It just needed a bit of editing. Maybe it would have needed less editing if I had spoken the punctuation as I went. I still have to play with that! Thanks for podcasting!)

  8. Snowman wallhanging is quite impressive. You should be proud Tami in Denver

  9. I agree the snowman quilt is beautiful. The applique looks great.

    I have tried spray basting and it was sticky (will use it on small quilts, but larger quilts I will pin baste. Leah Day uses pinmors caps on regular pins (rather than safety pins) which I plan to give a try.