Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fabric to Fiber & Back

TQP #3 is up on ITunes!

I cross the finish line!! My Ozark table topper is quilted and bound. I did some straight line quilting with my walking foot. I also tried a new technique, sewn binding. It's much faster than a sewn on binding. I think most of my quilts will be machine bound. I love the look of the buttonhole stitch. It gives it adds a little "tweak" of interest to the binding. Don't look too, too close.

Ozark Table Topper Binding from the Back

I have two quilts on the horizon, Puppies & Pinwheels and Stretched Stars to GO. This my fabric choice for the "P&P" quilt. I am still on a limb as to what alternate color choice. Once I open up the, "Twice the Charm" charm pack. I'll have a better idea. I purchased the charm pack from MSQ's daily deal.

Crazy for Dots

This is a pic of the "Stretched Stars to GO!" pattern by Accuquilt.

This is my fabric choice for the quilt. Although the bacground fabric reads "white", it has some faint salmonish dots in the background. The photo doesn't show the dots very well, if at all.

Stretched Stars 2 GO!

I practiced free motion quilting, sorta. Let's just say, it didn't go well at the end of the week. I did well earlier this week with the quilting, however, yesterday I broke three needles in less than 2.5 minutes. Maybe it was the thread. I was using the quilting thread used for the table topper. Earlier this week I was using a finer thread. I hope that was the case and not operator error. The earlier in the week practice.


I am prioritizing my WIPS. This is the next for completion. I figure if I complete two a month, I am golden.


My knitting projects and fiber enhancements.

This is what I am working on for my daughter. It's a nice "fru-fru" scarf. This is my first time using this type of fiber? I guess you call it fiber!

KJ Scarf

I also purchase a skein of the same stuff for me. Just so you know, it does have some purple tones in it. :-) I also purchased two skeins of Vail, made of baby alpaca and bamboo and a white textured yarn so that I can make "mini" snowmen. Here's a link if you want to make some for the holidays. I think they would be adorable as a garland.

Thanks go out to all of my commenters.

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  1. Hi AJ! I just listened to all your podcasts today. I loved them! Your voice is soothing and keeps me interested. I love the way your break your podcast into segments too. Can't wait to hear more!

  2. AJ, I'm caught up on your podcast and all I can say is, when's the next one?'re doing a great job and your content is great.

  3. Hi AJ, enjoying your podcast. I also have started to machine quilt all my bindings and its turned out better than I expected.Love your projects. Check out my own blog if you have time; (all the way from Australia)

  4. Hi AJ, found your podcast through listening to The Off Kilter Quilt. I'm really enjoying it - love your voice and can't wait for the next installment. Keep up the good work.

  5. Okay, I will try again... my comments keep disappearing...they are there then they are gone...

    SALLY COLLINS, PRECISION PIECING BY c&t publishing... she has a book and a dvd ... Love it and use them all the time.


  6. I am almost caught up (just need to listen to the most recent episode. I have really enjoyed it! You speak very clearly and your voice and tone are very soothing. I tried to leave an iTunes review but for some reason my "leave comment" button is gone...UGH!!! I will work on that some more very soon. Thanks again.

  7. The table topper is pretty and your quilting makes it pop. I too am still working on my FMQ. I want to move on from neandering to something else, but pratcie is still required.