Saturday, April 5, 2014

2 1/4 Inch Girrrl

Longarm Comparison - I mention some differences between my top two choices.
     Gammill vs Handi Quilter.     

Hexie Update:
  My progress is slow and steady. I forgot how time consuming hand work is! 

Savannah Quilt Show
  Stash/tool enhancement: a few additions to my studio

                                 1-Kit, 1-Pattern, 2-Hand dyed Bundles


Daisy of "Very Lazy Daisy Quilts":

  *Binding size - I converted from 2 1/2 inch to 2 1/4 inch. I don't think I can go any lower. How low 
  can you go? 

   * UFO Challenge - Her promo 
   *Round Robin - Stay tuned. If you want to join us, send Daisy your email. Trust me, it will be fun!

FAL 2014:

  The Littlest Thistle (1st Qtr Linky) - I have entered three finished quilts. That gives me three chances

     to win. Why not join in?

  Fadom (Outlander blocks) - When are those appliques blocks be ready? A "fan" wants to know!

Goodreads: Audio Books

  Between Heaven and Texas (Marie Bostwick)
     Why can't seem to remeber the title

  Divergent (Recommend)-Love the book, now to see the movie!
  Voyager (3rd book, Outlander series)-Enjoying it so far! Why wouldn't I? Can't wait until the series 


BTW, I am playing with my embroidery module, "INTH Key Fobs". My current software is not supported by Windows 8. I have 3D, 6D is the current version. I didn't want to pay the $$$ for the new 
version. Soooo, after some research, I purchased a downloadable software version. The software is called "Embird". I will say, it has a learning curve associated with it. More to come on my work with Embird.

Until next time.......

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