Saturday, March 15, 2014

St Patty's Weekend Plans

As usual, I chat while mobile.

Celtic Solstice
  Binding and binding application discussion.

A quick update on my Hexie progress.

Mitered Crochet dishcloths found will on a Pinterest time suck adventure:

Quilting Feathers

St. Patty's Weekend Giveaway!! Will it be a ruler or fabric? You guessed it!! It's four FQs. Perfect to add to your modern stash collection. Or, just simply to your stash!

The Littlest Thistle 1st QTR Finish:

Quiltfest Savannah
   Who's going??

Until next time.....


  1. I love the crocheted items. Could you share the pattern?

  2. I just listened to your podcast about your longarm practice. It's funny that you have meandering down - I can't meander without crossing or making points. My feathers are starting to look like feathers, so I'm happy about that. Good luck, keep on practicing.

  3. Have been listening to your podcasts for a couple of months. I love listening while at work or while sewing/quilting. I have only been quilting about 2 years and at that only here and there. You always have such good information to share. What kind of quilter am I? After my having to tear out about an hours worth of machine meandering yesterday, I'd say not a very good one. Something happened in the middle and I had those thread nests all over the back of the lap quilt I'm trying to get ready for a birthday present on Saturday. Keep up the podcasts. I love listening.

  4. Hope I'm not too late for the give away! The fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for the chance, AJ!

  5. I sew all kinds of stuff, but I'm partial to straight up traditional piecing. ;)

  6. I just found that I wasn't subscribed to your podcast. I used to be. Not sure what has happened. It means that I get a nice back catalogue to catch up whilst I walk and run etc. The fabric looks lovely. I would love to try it in a quilt. I love scrappy quilts but like all sorts. Just getting a bit more adventurous again in my quilting

  7. Hot dang, I LOVE a giveaway and those fat quarters are cute, cute, cute!!

    I have been intending to drop you a note to let you know I don't mind the background sound when you record the podcast in the car. I think that is a smart use of time!

  8. 2ND try... YOU said you had 2 comment but I am counting NINE ... I usually comment on TWITTER ... as comment pages do not like me.... I said PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.... I see improvement from the first pictures to later pics posted.... keep it up... NONNIE

  9. Greetings, Love Celtic Solstice. I actually buy from etsy dish cloths like the ones you are making. LOVE THEM
    I too am wrestling mentally with my quilting skills. I am learning to use rulers on a mid arm...I am slow on the go...but will continue the process. CJ have you tried drawing your feather on Goldens Paper or any paper and then quilting over the paper and following the lines. I do this a lot when I am quilting a complex design. I can follow the traced lines and just make a bunch of the paper tracings and follow them...have found with this method I eventually master the design I traced. As always enjoy your "Rolling Podcast". Take almost Friday again!!!! shelly beth

  10. Hey AJ, what did you think of the baskets you bought for organization? Did they work? I am looking for something for my sewing space, kind of wanting wire baskets so I'm really curious your results. Great podcast, usually listen during my Monday commute.