Sunday, March 2, 2014

New to Me!

My chartiy quilt was mailed last week. If I wasn't such a, such a..can't think of a phrase, I would have taken a picture before I folded it to fit the box!! Dah! Never the less, here are some additional pictures.

 Quilted not yet bound
The pieced back
Super secrect project: Fabric Post Card (FPC) Swap. The postcard was mailed the same day as the charity quilt. I hope my partner receives it soon! SORRY, no picture to see here. Maybe later.

My "Quilty" resolution update:
  One charity completed.
  QOV fabric collection started and a little extra. I have my eye on a kit for a one in Quilty magizine.

New stash from my LQS (Colonial Quilts)
   Plan my closet organization for my March day off. Collecting wire baskets for the shelfs.

Storage basket with blackboard plaque

I am participating in two UFO challenges for 2014! The first is being hosted by Daisy of "Very Lazy Daisy Podcast". She talks about it on her blog. BTW, there is a Flckr link as well. Go check it out! Second, the "2014 Finish Along". There is a button on my blog that will take you the information. Check that out too. I finished my second UFO quilt for this 1st quarter!. One more to go and I will have finished my goal for this quarter.  I am planning my binding for my 3rd UFO for the quarter and also for Celtic Solstice. I hope to have both complete by the end of March. At least, that's my goal as of today! That could change at any given time!! LOL!!

A new to me technique using Elmer's "Washable" Schoo Glue to attach bindings to finished quilt tops! I gave a quick run down during the podcast. If you need the skinny, I have added a YouTube snippet. The version I watched was about 28 minutes long. You can probably search for the longer version. A little about the process. It is a little more time consuming if your follow her instructions exactly. I do recommend that you do follow her instructions. I will say, this is my best binding in my quilting history!! I will be doing this more often. I hope to get a little quicker at the process. Just so ya know, this is not a fast process no matter how many quilts you do this way.

Elmer's Washable School Glue

                  Sharon Schamber Video

Here is a picture of the quilt I finished using this technique. It was quilted by check before Lady G came into the picture! It was either done at Aurora Quilt Shop in Manassas, VA while living in VA. Or, it was done at MSQC while living here in GA. Either way, it's a nice all over quilting design. BTW, this quilt goes in my done pile and part of the UFO Challenge for Daisy and The Littlest Thistle FAL. Here is a link to my QTR #1 pledge: three tops to finish


My longarm practice is still in the planning phase. I have a rough sketch of the whole cloth design I plan to use. I will now plan it out on graft paper. But, before I get to the quilting phase, I will be using some of the yardage for practice!. My FMQ practice will be designs I have seen by Angela Walters and Lynn Durbin. BTW, Lynn Durban has a new FM design on YouTube!

 I have titled my hexies as my "little engine that could" stitching. Do you remember that engine? It just kept chugging up that hill until it made it to the top! After that, it was downhill all the way! In hexie speak, the top of the hill would be having all the flower done and downhill would be attaching all of the flowers. That will be some time from now. Until then, I'll just keep chugging.

My Hexie "To Go" Box

Until next time...........

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  1. Great podcast as always. I spent the morning getting caught up on your podcasts and doing some EPP I had been wanting to do for awhile. Nice! Thanks!!!