Saturday, January 11, 2014

Technology Saved My Top!

Celtic Solstice: All blocks have been completed! I was soooo happy. Take a close look at the before picture below. Apologies for the photo quality.  Take a REALLY close look. What do you see in the top right corner. Arrgghhh! I had another date with my favorite friend. Ms. Seam Ripper!


Doesn't the below pic look a lot better! It may not be perfect piecing, however,  the upper right corner is not all jacked up!


 Boxy Stars progress is coming along. I will be adding two more rows across. I am not sure of what the final size will be. I guess, as I go, I'll know when it's big enough.

My Va Beach Weekend is coming up quickly. Approximately three weeks from now. It will be my first longarm adventure. If you are curious or interested, you can find it here: VA Beach weekend.

I am actively taking inventory of my UFO's. There seems to be quite a few. I will be adding a UFO page to the blog. The page will consist of a list, date started and completed. Once the quilt has been completed. I will cross if off the list and add the photo the my 2014 finish page.

2014 Resolution is just two words:  finish and organize. I have started that process. I try to have a fabric folding session each day. I am not always successful, but I am making progress, a snail's pace, but progress none the less.

President's Day Sew In (#PDSI) - Military alphabet (Papa-Delta-Seirra-India) 20 January 2014. I should have said and this should read Martin Luther King Day Sew In. If you are off that day, join me in the fun. We may be able to squeeze in a "Google Hangout" if there is enough interest. So, on January 17, I will let you know if I am going to do a give away. So be sure to listen, read my blog or follow me on Twitter to find out. Thanks Torie for catching the Holiday sew in mix up!!


If your plan is to finish a few UFO's this year, there is a 2014 UFO Along. There are going to be quarterly prize give aways. If you are interested, you can get the details here: 2014 Finish Along. Why not put your name in the hat for a chance to win some cool stuff, especially if you are going to be doing it anyway!

These are the quilts first out of the shoot for the FAL:

Dot to Dot Quilting class project - Angela Walters Craftsy Class (September 2013)

Modern Wonky Log Cabin (June 2011)

Piano in the Park (August 2011)

Grant it, these quits have all been quilted but lack a label and binding! The are plenty more where these came from. I am starting with the quilts that are closest to being finished.

Until nex time........


  1. Good luck, that definitely looks a do-able list!

  2. Girl, you are the piecing Queen. Count me on the MLK sew in. I am not fond of twitter, too much new learning for this ole brain. Would love to do it by Google. I am finishing up a Gallery Piece in silks that is eating my lunch...not to mention my patients. This project has 35 long thin reeds with thread different thread play on each different type of silk fabric. It all wants to sing."slip...sliding away! I am now on to make standing wall chart into a movable design wall. My studio has not a wall with out windows or built in shelves for fabric. So hopefully this idea of mine will work! PS I was also in the US Army but only for 3 years. God Bless the GI Bill that is how I paid for my college degree in teaching. Now happily retired for 4 years and stitching the days away!

    1. Looking forward to the sew in! I can't imagine working with silk. Slip, sliding away is a good reference to working with silk! LOL I got started in the military late in life. Just close enough now that is in my plans.

  3. Wow AJ! Good catch on that corner piece! I have a very close relationship with Jack (my ripper) too. :-) I wish I could be at the VA Beach weekend but I can't justify the transatlantic trip yet! lol Wish we had something like that on this side of the Big Pond. Looking forward to seeing more of your UFO's becoming Done & Dusted!

    1. Yep. It was a good catch! Save me a lot of heart ache that's for sure. I have gotten to the point of taking pics when I put blocks on the design wall. That way I can see if things need to be shifted around. I also take a pic after piecing the top. I haven't named my seam ripper yet. The transatlantice trip is a little much for a weekend!!!

  4. I hope you have a good time at your longarm class. Virginia Longarm in Richmond is the shop I use for my quilting, and I think they are the ones organizing the conference in VA Bch. I think they do or used to do that class about starting a longarm business here, so since you can't get to both sessions that weekend, you might want to ask. If you stayed with your sister in Hampton sometime, you might be able to drive to Richmond and take the class another time. Just a thought.