Sunday, February 12, 2012

Show Notes: Life Changes-TQP #13

Better late than not at all!

TQP#13 topics babbled about and pictures.

* "Temporay Format Change"

* Knitting (shawl, fish-HPKCHC assignment)

Tessellating Fish Mapes Shawl WIP

* Progress on Baltimore Album Christmas BOM. The lines you see drawn in is for the reins/bridle that have to stitch in. I used the Pilot FriXion pen.

IMG_2385 BA Xmas BOM

* Weaving (or not)-Below is a picture of my warp for the "pinwheel weave along". Not the best Pic.

Pinwheel WAL Warp

* Upcoming Life Changes

* Twitter - Super Bowl Sew In (#SBSI)

* MidAtlantic Quilt Festival Meet Up (Pam, Sandy, Frances, and Tanesha(?)

* Puppy Update. Jodi is very, very energetic. It's hard to get a good photo unless is is sleeping. This is a picture of him playing with Gizmo and one with him chewing on a piece of rawhide.

IMG_2398 IMG_2387

BTW-forgot shout outs (next episode)

CORRECTION: dates of weekend festivities are off ..the big game is on 5 Feb not the 6th. I was correct the first time!!

Episode #14 coming soon..

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