Monday, January 9, 2012

FMQ'ing and A-Longs

A new year and what better way to start it by participating in free motion quilting (FMQ) groups and alongs! Nothing like having to be accountable. This will help me in my desire to improve my FMQ and to finish some of my UFO's and WIPs. As you may know, or not, have pledged to participate in the FMQ Challenge 2012, FMQ along w/Leah Day and the finish along being hosted by Rhonda of "Quilter in the Gap" podcast. Although I haven't finished anything this quarter, my first will be my "Sushi At Christmas" wallhanging. I am in the process of quilting it now. I am stabilizing the top first. In the white areas I will be meandering, in the green and red areas I plan to attempt feathers. Finally, the border will be a feather design as well. That's a very big step for a beginner to do. It won't be perfect, but I can say that I did it.

FMQ Challenge 2012-My Leaves
My leaves-<span class=

Let's Wiggle-Leah Day
"Let's Wiggle" my version

Quilting  "Sushi At Christmas"

** Just remember, I am learning.

I also purchased a DVD by Patsy Thompson for FMQing. The DVD is, "Fast and Free Vol 0.5". Can I just mention that I love this DVD so far. In the video she discusses machine set up, basic patterns moving into more complicated designs for the beginner. She does this by adding variations to the basic design. I will be buying the next two volumes in the series! If you are interested, you can get information here:

Here is a pic of the top I completed. It has a pinwheel block as a secondary design. You can find the find the information in McCall's Quilting, America Loves Scraps, Winter 2011/2012. The design is "Le Jardin Cerise", by Gerri Robinson. I used "1862 Battle Hymn" jelly roll by Moda. I purchased some yardage from the era for the backing. I don't have a name for my top yet..the jury is still out.

1862 Battle Hymn in 2012

The Christmas Baltimore Album BOM has started. I am now tracing the pieces onto Steam-A-Seam Lite. I have to admit, I did toy with the idea of needle turn applique, but quickly changed my mind. I would like to finish this in my lifetime!! There will be a difference in the look of the blocks..the images will be reverse. The pattern was not designed for fusible applique, so the images were not printed in reverse orientation.

I have a knitting project to complete, 3x's a Charm Thermis for my sister. Completing the second buttonhole now. Then I will finish with a few more rows of 1x1 ribbing, cast off, add buttons and call it done. I should finish by this weekend.

I am also working on my HPKCHC assignment. I chose "Arithmancy" for which you have to knit a tessellating design. I saw a blanket made from fish shapes. So, that's what I am doing for January. The design is by April from OK. Here is a pic of my fish. I will make six and use it as some sort of pad/coaster.

Tessellating Fish

Once I complete the fish, my plan is to attempt to make my first pair of mittens. I also plan to make a "Thorpe" hat. I'll see how that goes.

Appropriate for a ADD crafter, I am planning to warp an 8/8 design on my warping board. The colors will be burgundy and gold. One of my groups on Ravelry, "Warped Weavers" is having a pinwheel weave along. I just happen to have the current issue of Handwoven magazine. (I subscribe) In the magazine there are 8 drafts for a pinwheel design. I will be using option 2. I will be weaving on my Baby Wolf.

Well that's about it for this post.

Until next time..............

PS: Not sure what's up with the Font sizes..can't seem to correct it. I have tried several times, oh well.


  1. AJ, you make me feel better about MY Crafting ADD! :-)
    Glad you decided on a pattern. I've been working on winding my warp - but haven't been very good about it. So I'm going upstairs soon to do the light color. Then I'll be dressing the loom on Thursday as tomorrow I get to babysit and Weds I have a Therapy Dog thing - excuses excuses! lol

  2. I like the pinwheels. They brighten up the quilt.

    Good job on the free motion. I have signed up for the Free Motion challenge too, but haven't practiced yet. I have yet to learn that imagining myself free motioning doesn't count as practice.

  3. I've been practicing my leaves too! I love yours! My leaves are okay but I need more practice. I'm trying to do some everyday. I love being able to finish my own quilts. I'm also knitting a pair of slippers. We need more time for everything we want to do!!

  4. You're doing great on the free motion practice! I've practiced the leaves once so far, need to try it some more. I really like the Battle Hymn quilt, it's a great design. I don't know anything about weaving (and don't need ANOTHER craft lol), so I hope you'll talk more about the process and show pictures as the project progresses.

  5. Shew! Just got caught up on your podcast. I'm a little late to the party but glad to be "current". I so need a free motion class. Love hearing about your journey with it. You mentioned that you got to JoAnn's without your coupons (I think it was this podcast!).. Just wanted to let you know that JoAnn's (and Michaels & Hobby Lobby if you have those) have iphone apps with the coupons as part of the app. Just show your coupon on your phone and you are all set. It has taken me a while to get used to this and think if I didn't cut it out I didn't have one but it's great to know it's always there. Love your podcast and also love hearing about the puppy!