Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rainy Day WIPs

Shocked!! Yes, another post. Well, today is quite a dreary, rainy day. I decided to brighten by day working with bright, cheery fabrics. I am following the lead of Tanesha, "CraftyGardenMom" and plunging into the LMS BOM-Birdie Stitches. Here is a pic of my background.

Birdie Stitches BG

The background didn't quite turn out like I had planned. Now, yes, it does work and I like the final results, however, it wasn't planned this way. I hoped to have solids in each corner to have a distinctive solid 4-patch. Now I have 4-patch blocks in random areas! I will be using #8 Pearl Cotton, more than likely in a purple for most of the embroidery parts, sprinkle in accent colors here and there. Keep checking back to see my progress.

I received by quilt back from having it quilted. The quilting was done at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. It is a pantograph design. It was completed in less than 3 weeks. The only thing left to do now is binding! Not a big fan of binding. I will try my hand at machine, but will practice first before tackling the quit top I would highly recommend them if you need a quilt quilted. BTW, my quilt was featured on their blog August 2nd.

Log Cabin Block

Version Modern Log Cabin

Close of of the Quilting/MLC Quilt

That is a little glimpse of my day. Until next time..............


  1. So glad you're doing the Birdie Stiches BOM - it's a lot of fun! And that quilt is simply've convinced me to give Missouri Star a try with a few UFO quilt tops I have laying around I will probably not get to for years unless I just send it to them to quilt it and be done. I saw your quilt featured on their blog and thought then it was a stunner. Your color choices are great!

  2. They did a great job quilting it. I have never sent out anything to be quilted. I just did a queen size quilt on my singer 7469Q, I think I overworked it. HA HA.