Friday, August 12, 2011


How do you spell relief??? "ROLAIDS"! Work is truely getting to me. Two more weeks and things should return to semi-normal. I won't be torn between three facilities. To work through some of this I have started "art" journalling, sorta. :-) I am not artist, but I can doodle, color, cut and paste. Here's a couple of pics.



My retreat to worries no stress. This is my book of doodles, paint, and coloring.

The Book of Me


I had forgotten how much fun coloring and painting was!!

My other stress relievers are listening to my fav podcasts. I just caught up on Tanesha's podcast-Craftygardenmom". She talked about her "Birdie Stitches" blocks. After seeing how cute they were, I searched her past posts to find out who's BOM it was. Yay! I was successful. The BOM pattern was from "Little Miss Shabby" blog. How cute. I have printed out the first three blocks. I hope to start soon.

This is the link:

On my design wall is what I am working on now. The fabric design is Frolic by Moda. I just love those print. The quilt is called
"Frolic-lee Tubular".


That's all for now! Until next time.......


  1. AJ - LOVE LOVE LOVE the journal !!! You are one talented lady. :-) It's good to see you blogging.
    Sorry that work is so tough....(HUGS)
    The quilting looks like it's going well!
    Hey, guess what? I bought a Baby Wolf today! Used, from a lady in Arlington. The Wolf is very cute. It's keeping Lulu company up in the room. lol Gonna probably get something on her tomorrow and see how it goes.
    Take care.

  2. I am doing (or should I say still doing) the Birdie sttiches. I have about 4-5 blocks to do and then put it together. I really like your fabric choices for the Frolic. I might give that a try for a Linus quilt.