Sunday, December 19, 2010

2011 Fiber Fanatic Frenzy

Just joined a 2011 spin-a-long group on Ravelry. The group name is "Sweater Spin 2011. I have several 10 oz bag of this Corriedale to spin. I purchased this fleece, 7 lbs. at MDS&W, May 2010. I sent the fleece out to Shari at Morro Fleece Works to be processed. I chose the pencil roving for processing. Once I get enough spun and plied, I will hand dye it. It will take all of 2011 to complete this process. As for what it will be; a pullover, vest, cardigan..I'll have to see.


This is a pic of one of the BOM's that I have signed up for through Stitchin Heaven during the 2011. The pattern is named "Texas Our Texas". It include some history about the state and a bonus cooking recipe. Although I am a Virginian, I own I home in Texas. This is where I will retire. Love the weather in Central Texas. Go figure, I think I will do hand applique for the applique blocks. BTW, my other BOM is a "Baltimore Album"!! Hmmm can't wait for that one to start.


Last, but not least. I will now be entering the world of weaving!! Yes, yet another craft. I ordered a 25" Schacht Flip Loom from the Woolery. It should arrive before Christmas. Pictures to follow. Just so happens, starting Christmas Eve, I will not have to return to work until 10 you see where I am going with this????

February Ladies Sweater

OH! Almost forgot!! I am also participating in the February Ladies weater KAL hosted by "The Knit Wits" podcast.

Check back often to check my progress of my 2011 Frenzy!! Do you think this is a bit much for one year??????? Let the insanity begin.

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  1. I have seen this BOM completed during a quilt meeting and it was beautiful. I am in Texas as well (work Austin, live Leander).