Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have to decided to post on Saturdays now that my life is getting back to normal. I was deployed the latter part of 2009, returning in 2010. I will be writing about what's going on with my knitting, as well as, other thoughts I may have.

What's on my Plate:
Currently, I am in the She Knits#3 Mystery KAL. Got the yarn, pattern and beads but have not casted on yet. That could be because it was suggest that this was not "TV" knitting and needed my undivided attention. At this point in my life, I need more relaxation than focused knitting!

Online class, "Fitted Raglan Shawl" with Stefanie Japel...that's not going well either. I know I have started and frogged this pattern at least 10 times. I can't seem to get off of Chart 1. BTW, I have done simple lace before. Maybe I am reading too much into the pattern. Anyway, I decided to put it away for now.

What's on the circs?
I am working on a modified "Multnomah" shawl.

Exciting events!!!
MDS&W..can't wait for the first weekend in May!! This will be my second time. Not only my BD weekend, but lots of fibery fun. I am looking forward to meeting some of my podcasts stars!! The Knitmore Girls, Meghan of Stitch It, Jackie with Kipin It Real, and Nat with BarkinKnit..

That's enough for now. Back to my shawl.

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