Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plugging Along

My weekend's forecast is for clouds and rain. I think it's a good opportunity to get some housework and knitting accomplished. I am still working on my "modified" Multonomah Shawl to wear at MDS&W. I am also working a pair of plain stockinette stitch sock w/an after thought heal. What to cast on next? I think, either the "Pasticcio Circular Vest" or the "Traveling Woman's Shawl". I'll keep you posted on which one I choose. I am trying to stay away from purchasing new yarn and fiber! In my future, MDS&W, it is a week from today and I will be there for the "fibery fun"!!!! I am soooo looking forward to meeting my super star podcasters. I will definitely be stalking them, but in a good way.

My agenda for today. My 4 legged child (dog) has a pampering appointment this morning. Maybe I can get some vacuuming done without the vacuum cleaner being attacked. LOL. That's his favorite thing to do. Also, I hope to get a lot of knittin' done. I have a Multonomah Shawl, Mondo Cable Pulli, and a Lace tank to block.

Gotta get busy!!! A lot on my plate for today.

Good Knittins 2u

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