Monday, December 23, 2013

Rolling In Fours....

Good Monday morning to all. I am rolling in fours... four patches that is!! I have completed clue #4 in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt "Celtic Solstice".  All done using my Raspberry Singer 301-A. I just love how she sews.  She moves quickly for her age

I won't mention clues #1 and #2. Those are still in progress. But wait, hope is in the air! My plan is to finish those before the next clue comes out on Friday. If I can pull that off, that will bring me totally up to date. A first in my book! Hope to see you "Tweeting" on Boxing Day, #BDSI. It's being host by Sandy of Quilting For the Rest of Us Podcast.

In case I forget.... Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Until next time...


  1. Aren't you the festive one with tree ornaments in your photo. I hardly have time to get myself working on the clues, let a lone dress up the photo. At the rate you are working, you probably will have all the clues finished by the time Bonnie writes the last clue. Good luck. Your 4-squares look very nice.

  2. What a Christmassy photo! Good luck with getting your other parts done this week.

    Happy Christmas!