Saturday, November 23, 2013

On The Road Recording, Trial 2

In episode 28 I:

 * Ramble
 * Talk about quilts I am planning
 * Scrappy Trip finish
 * Longarm Quilting plan for the weekend
 * Upcoming #BFSI
 * Bucket List
 * My 4-legged babies and their toys
 * Blog change (I think )


  1. Hi AJ. I thought the sound was better in this episode than the last. Neither had bad sound, but you could hear the car noise less this time.

    I'm glad to hear you back.

  2. AJ, I listened while on my own commute and had no problem with either episode. I'm glad you're podcasting again, it was very enjoyable.

  3. Hi AJ! Nice to have you back. I think the sound quality is really good. A little road noise isn't a problem to me. I've been listening to Dr. Gemma on the CogKnitive podcast forever and she almost always records on the road. I think it's a great idea. Just be careful.

    Your Celtic Solstice units look great!