Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Starts With A Bang!!!

Easy Street finale.  Remember from a previous post I eluded to "slow and steady", I'm not going to win this race! There are some who have already completed there entire top. Me, I have 2.5 of  nine "B" blocks complete. Can you say lots of intersections in Easy Street?  It's going to take me some time to complete the top. there is a lot of 3.5 inch blocks to put together.  Please tell me that block "A" goes together must faster than "B"! I will say, it was mystery journey. Here's a link to Bonnie's Post.

Block B & Corner Triangles

For those who follow on "Twitter" know that I have purchased a couple of vintage Singers. I would like to thank Bonnie Hunter for these purchases! Here is a pic of the first one.

1948 Singer 66
1948 Singer 66-16

Purchased another machine, mostly for the cabinet. The machine inside is a 1910 Singer 66. Well to look at it was scary, but hopeful. I am still trying to get the crud off of it. I have pretty much taken it apart. Just so ya know, the cabinet needs a lot of help as well. Two of the drawers are missing some of its detail. But it has good bones. Here is a pic of the cabinet.

Treadle Cabinet

The person I purchased the cabinet felt bad that the machine inside was such a mess, he threw in a machine for free!!! It is a 1956 Singer 99k, born on November 20. I was ecstatic. It needs a motor and a case. She is definitely a keeper. I named her after my Mom,  Annie B.  They share the same birthday. I wish she were still around to share the excitement.

Bonus Singer 1956 "99K" - front

I think that's enough for one post.  My stroll down Easy Street is still slow. Remember, baby steps.

Until next time....


  1. you've definately gotten bitten by the bug. Sweet machines, I hope you get many hours of enjoyment from them.

  2. Easy Street is definitely coming along. Take your time go at your own pace. It's your quilt after all - not anyone else's.
    LOVE the cabinet. I remember my mum having one like that.

  3. Easy Street looks like it's going to be a beauty. I love collecting old sewing machines. I don't always use them but I just love having them. Not sure that makes sense!

  4. Wow! Your Easy Street looks great! I love how the background is so subtle!
    AND a couple of sweet machines too?! Wow that 99 looks totally mint. What a find!! : )

  5. Easy Street looks great. I am going to do my first on line BOM with Pile O Fabric. It is a great very modern looking sampler lot of different unique blocks. Check it out,,,U need another project. I was so happy to hear your latest PodCast.
    I spend most of my days in my studio stitching away with the cats for company. Tis nice to here a friendly voice. Congrads on your machines. I learned to sew on a old singer with a knee presser to make it sew. It also had a belt and I believe only a straight stitch. I made clothes for my sister's Chatty Cathy,Thumbellina and my Tiny Tears. Also made clothes for the kittens we always had. Thanks again for sharing your time and talents with us.
    Shelly Beth fiber work on facebook/fibermoon and flickr/fibermoon.

  6. I love your new old machines! I have a 99 as well - they never go out of style. Love your Easy Street too. Don't worry, you'll get there and it will be totally worth it.